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  1. Couple of links to this years videos. All the rest of the videos posted on YouTube under Marty's Christmas in Cold Lake 2020... Lights of Christmas
  2. I have all my props turned down to 50% to reduce color wash and for video/ pictures. When you can tell what sequence is playing by the reflection of the light on your neighbors house you are probably a little too bright, lol.
  3. Does the problem continuously occur if the same song plays again in the show? Sometimes there can be a bit of a delay when the show firsts loads. How does the tree act when you just play the sequence with LOR loaded and the control lights checked? If it works fine you may want to verify that your controller firmware is up to date or that you do not have a distance problem with that particular tree to the controller. If its not to hard swap trees to see if the problem replicates.
  4. Very nice, clean and tight display, great for viewing, great job Chance.
  5. Great display, I'm sure your haunt is a popular spot to visit during the Halloween season, awesome job.
  6. Couple of links to this years display. More videos posted on YouTube under Marty's Halloween in Cold Lake 2020", enjoy. https://youtu.be/vgfTq008BTo https://youtu.be/8z53_0qsHoI https://youtu.be/hu6Ny7uAsxs
  7. Wow, impressive display, is your roof a matrix or projection, it's huge!
  8. Very nice, your display setting is stunning among all the trees, cool effect.
  9. Thanks lightzilla, really like Eddie's IC Christmas song and happy that he provided a copy for use as part of our Canadian Light up contest.
  10. Merry Christmas forum friends, links to a few of this years videos. https://youtu.be/vsQu4IQrvNs Daywalk https://youtu.be/PIsqFUHw4pw Christmas Rhapsody https://youtu.be/JM_8K-ZPaF8 I C Christmas
  11. Great work Jay, I'm sure your place is a holiday tourist hot spot.
  12. Couple of links to this years display. Happy Halloween.
  13. Great display, I can see why your getting lots of visitors, definitely worth the drive, thanks for sharing.
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