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  1. I got mine off Ebay last year as well :-) The one I got off Ebay was pretty good quality :-)
  2. PhilMassey thanks for the docx. That did help. Matt I'll take a look at this. Thanks Bottom line is I have put together some sequences using xlights for the .lcp file. I put that into my pixel items. That has worked for years and still does to a certain extent. Then I went away from my house stuff being dumb rgb stuff and went to smart pixels. That added a lot of channels. If did much more than turn them all a certain color, the Showplayer bogged down. I was told to move them to intensity files. They would work better. One sequence transferred fine while another I was working on did not. Keep in mind it was using the same elements. Unfortunately I am out of time to trouble shoot. I borrowed a Lenovo "Carbon X1" laptop from a friend. One of the questionable sequences ran fine with it and the Showtime player. Running a i7 Intel with 8gig ram. It should run fine. Will be testing this later this weekend for a whole night and see how this new laptop does. If it works...I'll forgo the changing everything to PE for now.
  3. ....however. It did strip out the info data (as it said it would) and dropped it into the intensity file. I copied 3 files that were created, put those into the show folder. The props that were stripped out and put into the intensity file would not play on the display. I played it back via the Showtime Player. Ideas?
  4. Ok. Finally got those props into the intensity file. I wish there were some better directions for this.
  5. Ok. I went back and assigned in my preview for this year (in PE) and assigned all the pixel stuff to PE. Then did the remove data under the migration tools. For some reason it is only show an intensity file for 2 props. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks so much. That is not written anywhere that I can find. You would think that they would put that in.
  7. So I have a sequence that was done in SE that is bogging down in playback on the display. I was told to create a intensity file. I see in PE where you can save the intensity data. However I don't see how that is combined with the SE file. I did not sequence this in PE. Have a bunch of pixels though. How can I get a intensity file out of this?
  8. So, I read the power point from the website. Looks like I have to sequence in PE in order to get a intensity file. Is that correct?
  9. Jim I'm going to have to read up on how to import then export. I tried it and all it gave me was another .lms file. I did "Save Intensity Data" and got a file. However, not sure what to do with that. I had it in the folder that the .lms file was in. Compressed the file, made a .lss file and played it back. Still same old thing. I have right at 11,000 channels of dmx and LOR as well running via e1.31. So it does sound like a similar issue. I just don't think I am doing the right thing to get this file back into the Showplayer.
  10. Jim (and anyone else that wants to chime in), Still have one chart that is skipping almost a full second, then catches up with itself. Just finished another sequence that literally lags in the middle of one section then jumps right back into where it should be. I won't retype what I'm doing. However I am running this as a compressed sequence. I've never transferred anything into PE and tried to run it that way. Several other sequences are running just fine. Would transferring it into another type of sequence that LOR would play... would that help and how do I go about it. Honestly am trying to do more sequences (little behind this year) and don't have time to trouble shoot this. I may have to change that part of the sequence just to see if that will fix it, but really not wanting to. Ideas?
  11. Ok Jim that seemed to help. At least that run of it. That was only the pixels. Now I get to add in all the dumb rgb stuff and all the incans. Fingers crossed!
  12. Hey Guys. Thanks for the quick reply. I am running 22 universes right now. Some are maxed out while a few are not. I am running E1.31. From there several of the controllers output the dmx to the controllers that are dmx only. Funny thing is that it is not elements or controllers lagging, the whole show seems to stumble. The only thing I'm doing in PE is to visualize. Not using it to sequence with. Also don't own Superstar.
  13. Running 4.34 PRO S4. Have 960 pixel tree, 1880 pixels on the house, 336 pixels on snowflakes. Running 7 LOR controllers, various dumb rgb controllers, pixcon16, several Sandevices, and one Falcon. I have one file I just tried to run thru SE and it started bogging down midway. Seemed to catch up though towards the end. I have another file that is in the current playlist that actually skips almost 1/2 sec to 1 sec, then catches up. It is running in show console and is compressed. Didn't really want to upgrade at this point since I'm in the middle of running things. However, nothing is showing up in the release notes of improved performance... unless I missed something. Running 4gig ram with Win10. Ideas?
  14. Oh you are so right Old Sarge! I put it on the web today and it wanted to do update after update. Could care less if it works! It's not a "Internet" computer. Sole purpose in life is to run my show!
  15. Oh well, I wiped out the folder that they were being played from (I think / thought), reinstalled from my thumb drive, and they played fine. I also saw that Windows wanted to upgrade ANOTHER time to 1607(?). Anyway, after pointing to the folder on the computer's hard drive, they played fine. Or at least one song did before I shut it down. If nothing else I will have one song to play for Halloween. So maybe it was pointed to the thumb drive? And the thumb drive wasn't in the machine? Either way I should have gotten an error message of sorts if that was the case shouldn't I have? Again, posting this here for future reference for others. Think it is important so when others go to search the forums... they may find there answer before asking. I did... and did not find my answer. :-( Thanks, Robert
  16. I am using a Asus laptop, Win 10 (version 1511), 4 gig ram, 1.8gig processor ? Using SE 4.34. I am not using Superstar of PE with any of the sequences (nor will be). I just added 1682 smart pixels to the house. I used Vegomatic to put the channels into SE. I go to do "Show On Demand". The smart and dumb pixels turn on to white and just sit there. The computer will not boot up the first sequence in cue. When I go to right click on the control panel to shut the show down immediately it is very sluggish. Takes about 30 seconds or more to respond to each click or command. Is anyone else seeing this? I started to downgrade back to Win 8.1. I was running this with 4.34 Pro last year with no problems. I had dumb pixels in place of the 1682 smart pixels however. All the updates I have seen has nothing to do with sluggish commands or not working from what I have read (or am I wrong?). Am almost dead in the water unless I can get this fixed. The same sequence runs fine on THIS computer which is running Win 7 with 6gig ram. I also did the sequence compressor. Not sure if that does any good for this situation or not. Robert
  17. Right dougd. I knew how to do the steps you described. I had added a few thing and had not updated my current .lcc file. Once I did that... it worked. Just need to see that in writing. A "Duh Moment" ;-) Thanks!
  18. I know this is an old thread. Still you folks can may help me. I'm trying to do a combined .lcc export and then import that into SE. I'm getting; Invalid procedure call or argument Is there something I am doing wrong?
  19. Really?!? Dumb nodes on the mini trees! That is really good sequencing my friend. That is also A LOT of LOR CMB24d's ;-)
  20. Really nice display along with really nice edits on your videos :-) I know this is off topic, but maybe not. Your rgb spots, what are you using? Considering changing out mine. Also how many pixels are you using on your mini trees? Considering changing mine out from the dumb rgb's.
  21. Results from survey. Had 58 total folks respond. Keep in mind you could skip over songs if you wished. Most everyone did. Average responses were 40 to 45 total on each. Some surprising results too. Gave me a good idea on some of the new charts as well. I will be taking off a lot of the songs and resend the survey. I may even narrow it down to categories and include only a couple from each. Either way, I will be re-sending it out again with fewer songs. Here are the results; War Eagle - (48 responses) Yes - 29.2% No - 70.8% Christmas Eve / Sarajjevo - Trans Siberian Orchestra - (48 responses) Yes - 68.8% No - 31.3% Nutrocker - (47 responses) Yes - 59.6% No - 40.4% White Christmas - Drifters - (43 responses) Yes - 62.8% No - 37.8% Shake Up Christmas - Train - (42 responses) Yes - 50% No - 50% “Light Of Christmas” by Owl City featuring TobyMac - (47 responses) Yes - 70.2% No - 29.8% Spirit of the Season - Polar Express - (43 responses) Yes - 32.6% No - 67.4% Let There Be Light - Point of Grace - (41 responses) Yes - 24.4% No - 75.6% Carol Of The Bells- David Foster - (44 responses) Yes 68.2% No 31.8% Carol Of The Bells - Celtic Woman - (44 responses) Yes. 52.3% No 47.7% Let It Go - Frozen - (45 responses) Yes 55.6% No 44.4% Do You Want To Build A Snowman - Frozen - (45 responses) Yes 44.4% No 55.6% Do You Hear What I Hear - Spiraling - (44 responses) Yes 61.4% No 38.6% Christmas This Year - TobyMac - (42 responses) Yes 35.7% No 64.3% Hot Chocolate - Polar Express - (44 responses) Yes - 38.6% No 61.4% Celtic Carol - Lindsey Stirling - (47 responses) Yes 38.3% No 61.7% Believe - Polar Express - (44 responses) Yes 38.6% No 61.4% I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day - Casting Crowns - (44 responses) Yes 52.3% No 47.7% Cantus Eatnemen Vuelie - Frode Fjellheim - (40 responses) Yes 20% No 80% All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey - (44 responses) Yes 70.5% No 29.5% Frosty The Snowman - (48 responses) Yes 64.6% No 35.4% I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas - (45 responses) Yes 46.7% No 53.3% Blue Christmas - Elvis - (44 responses) Yes 31.8% No 68.2% It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Andy Williams - (46 responses) Yes 80.4% No 19.6% Happy Holidays - Andy Williams - (43 responses) Yes 48.8% No 51.2% Little Saint Nick - Beach Boys - (45 responese) Yes 66.7% No 33.3% Feliz Navidad - (42 responses) Yes 38.1% No 61.9% Mary, Did You Know - Pentatonix - (45 responses) Yes 62.2% No 37.8% Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix - (44 responses) Yes 70.5% No 29.5% Joy To The World - Pentatonix - (42 responses) Yes 45.2% No 54.8% Joy To The World - Tonic Sol FA - (39 responses) Yes 7.7% No 92.3% Joy To The World - Go Fish - (44 responses) Yes 36.4% No 63.6% Christmas Time - Go Fish - (42 responses) Yes 40.5% No 59.5% Do You Hear What I Hear? - Home Free - (42 responses) Yes 40.5% No 59.5% Little Drummer Boy - Go Fish - (41 responses) Yes 24.4% No 75.6% Christmastime Again - MercyMe - (39 responses) Yes 25.6% No 74.4% Deck The Halls - SHeDaisy - (38 responses) Yes 18.4% No 81.6% Jing,Jing,Jing - (39 responses) Yes 87.2% No 12.8% Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Big Bad Voodo Daddy - (40 responses) Yes 37.5% No 62.5% Mele Kalikimaka - Bing Crosby - (36 responses) Yes 41.7% No 58.3% Blue Christmas - Harry Connick Jr - (41 responses) Yes 17.1% No 82.9% It Must Been Ol’ Santa Claus - Harry Connick Jr - (40 responses) Yes 17.5% No 82.5% Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Harry Connick Jr - (39 responses) Yes 17.9% No 82.1% Taking Care Of Christmas - Randy Bachman - (40 responses) Yes 50% No 50% Toy Sack - Bob Rivers - (40 responses) Yes 50% No 50% Christmas Can Can - Straight No Chaser - (41 responses) Yes 56.1% No 43.9% Christmas Don’t Be Late - Chipmunks - (41 responses) Yes 41.5% No 58.5% Disco Santa - (Take off of “YMCA”) - (40 respones) Yes 30% No 70% Mr. Grinch - (44 responses) Yes 68.2% No 31.8%
  22. Some real interesting results. I'll share these at the end. I'm actually going to "cull" this thing down several times. If you haven't looked at the list, some new stuff is on this list. Remember you can vote for some (yes / no) and leave others blank if you wish. Got 52 responses so far.
  23. So I am going to change up my show somewhat for 2016... I think. I have put together a survey with TONS of music in it (49 charts to be exact). Some you might know, some you might not. Within this survey (if you choose to take it) you can vote "Yes" or "No" for a song. You will see several songs that are the same but with different artist (and styles) as well. You can just scroll through and click on these. I have also included a YouTube clip for each song. The survey is set up so you can stop midway and come back to it later if you wish. Even though this display is a labor of love on my part, it is real important to me that the audience enjoys what they have come out to see as well. So if you have come out to the display, watched the videos or both... I would love to know your opinion. Several people on the forum DID come out to see the display. Also share this with your friends who may have come out as well. I will be parsing these songs down several times, so over the summer you may see another survey come out. Thanks so much for your help! Robert Link To Survey
  24. Your moving heads. I don't see any enclosures on them. Do you run those out in the open????
  25. Well.....yes and no. I use this; http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=21&products_id=192 I do not use it to announce songs. I put text in for my website and Facebook page. I will probably put in one more line to say "Don't block neighbor's drive", but that is it. The one listed above has really nice audio. Take a look at some of the settings in the pictures on the site. It works nicely to adjust the audio so it doesn't clip. Now it does require you to use a separate radio to monitor your audio since it does take control of your audio out. That's ok. That way I can get a true read on what the audio is really sounding like. Software is free to download. You could see what it looks like. You could scroll up to 12 lines. So yes. If your wanting to convey a message like "Keep your windows up please"... you could. I know there is someway for it to catch the song titles. I haven't bothered to look.
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