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  1. Ok, I think it worked. I put it in your Entourage box. Let me know if that didn't work. Robert
  2. I think you were requesting a sequence of this. Here is mine. You can find it's video here; I tried uploading it to your upload thingy...and it said it was too big. Anyway...wish I had the "Happy" song for you for a sequence. Just haven't had time to get it done. Robert Here is the public dropbox link. Please grab it, because I will take it out later to save me space for my new sequences; https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44091030/2013%20All%20I%20Want%20For%20Christmas%20Is%20You.lms
  3. Has anyone done Happy by Pharrell? I am planning on doing this, but it will be a while before I am starting on it.
  4. May I get a copy of this as well? Thanks! kd4ydc@bellsouth.net Robert
  5. Brad you have had more experience than I with this than I. I am only running about 80 or so feet of cable. Do you think that might be an issue. I am possibly adding a temp service at my house to split off some of the load...even though a good bit of the display is going RGB (LED) this year...so hopefully that will help? Also just got 7 different Digital Juice packages today. Am getting ready to play with these in just a few minutes 8-)
  6. GMac I will take a look at that. My screen is roughly 5x4. Will have to remeasure it to be for sure. I thought about it and may need to check the display settings in the computer to be sure it is configured right. Little nervous to try 16:9 since my screen is so small. You mentioned .wmf . Do you mean .wmv????
  7. I seen both schools of thought here. Actually had some drag in the sync with .wmv, but I think it might have been a conversion issue (used dvdvideosoft.com's software for conversion). I have had success with .avi more than .wmv in getting the projector in "behaving" while going full screen. The projector is set for 4:3 ratio. Again, could be operator error. What do you use and why?
  8. Brad, I know this is an old post, but just now getting into the projection stuff, so I do have some questions for you. I actually tried a long vga cable tonight and found some color issues on the projector. I honestly think it might be the cable, but haven't trouble shot it yet. Your cat5 to vga convertors, what kind did you use? My run might be 100ft that I will eventually use (or more). I believe the cable I used tonight was only 50ft. Kind of worries me since I am already going to have to do some sort of conversion since my only vga port will be used on the monitor (using a laptop in which
  9. Erinie thanks for the info! Derekb, sorry for hogging the thread! :-) Will be looking forward to your setup. Sounds neat 8-)
  10. Ok. This worked. Bob. Not sure if it is a bug or what. I am running 3.8 LOR with the Advanced version. I did the copy of what you mentioned Bob. copy "C:\Users\Burtonr\Documents\Light Show Stuff\Projector\On and Off remotely\Off.bin" com4: >nul (not sure what I would have to do that since it was in the same folder. Anyway...did) Now please note this. I had taken my laptop (which I am doing this from) to work with me. I never shut it down. I always just close the lid, then put in the case and go. So when I start up it goes to the sign on screen. Sign on and the screen is where I left off. A
  11. Ok, I have tried this several different ways without MUCH success. Every so often (once maybe after rebooting...I honestly can't remember) it would work. However, the "Off" command would not work nor did I try re-booting to try and get the off command to work. These files WILL work when clicked on them directly in it's destination folder. However when I point LOR to the file, it does not. The file is working or comes up in LOR as if it were clicked on directly. The .bin file runs in other words. However...the projector does not turn on nor off. I have moved the file directly into the LOR fo
  12. Crazy thing now is the .bat is running through LOR. Don't know if this matters or not, when you click on the file in the folder itself...it opens a split second faster than opening in LOR. Both files are opening and showing no errors though. Oh.... when clicking the .bat file direct from the folder it is stored in... it works with the projector correctly. But does not work through LOR.
  13. The baud rate is set to 19200 because that is what the projector is set to. http://www-it.desy.de/fepos/download/geraete/LCD-Beamer_Hitachi_CP_X275.pdf in the very back of the pdf on the Technical page 4. It is going through a comm port that really is not used by the LOR dongle (or the dmx dongle I use). Glad Bob put in the video about using the .bat file on another computer! That would have driven me crazy too :-) Still looking "why" the comm port is not currently available :-(
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