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  1. What ever you do, do NOT use The UPS Store. They are a rip off! If you use UPS go to them direct.
  2. The ribbon is that plasticish ribbon (water proof) and a bit stiffer than regular ribbon. Holds up file to UV but needs to be replaced every couple of years. One of the ribbons actually has a wire running down the length (encased in the ribbon). Get at Michaels or floral supplier.
  3. Build your own quick and cheap. Cut two pieces of coro plast (get it from the local sigh company) For instance if you want a present that will be 24" X 18 "X18", cut two pieces 18 X 24 X 18. score the coro at 18".24" and 18" (this will be the outside bend). Bend the pieces into 2 "U" shapes. Fit together and hot glue. Leave on of the ends unglued (this will be the bottom and how you open the present for lights). affix the lights (led or RGB to the bottom (the flap not glued). decorate with fancy ribbon. Wala you have a great present. You will need to pin it down as it w
  4. Be careful of speaker wire outside in sunlight. Wire is NOT UV protected, continues exposure will cause the wire to degrade and fail. Tried this wire (same manufacture) in Florida and it failed the second year (twice) didn't realize what happened the first time. May not be a problem for those where the wire is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  5. look into 3/8 rope lights rather than strips (strips are to delicate and very directional).
  6. A matter of what you want it to appear as. Ribbons look more link a solid line of color. Pixels more like Christmas lights depending on the distance between the pixels. Ribbons are VERY delicate and difficult to repair as well as not really that weatherproof. Pixels are very sturdy. If you want the look of ribbons with the weatherproof of and strength of pixels look into rectangular modules. If you zip tie them to Boscoyo strips end to end you will get the same look as ribbons and the easy of repair as well as the weatherproof of pixels (each module has 3 5050 pixels addressable as
  7. The 4 wire are the original CCB's and use the LOR CCB controller. The 3 wire are the new CCB and are WS2811 chip that use different controllers than the older type and will NOT work with the older style CCB controller. You can use the new RGB controllers.
  8. I have been buying from HC for 5 years. Not 1 bad instance. If you look back you can see at least one of our members takes EVERY chance to throw a barb at HC for some reason. Look at the overall. Great service, quality products. TOTALLY recommend them.
  9. U.S.M.C Airborne 1964 - 1970 Vietnam 1966 -1967
  10. I did 21 of those for my window frames (from the inside) 7 feet by 7 feet. I would suggest that you have keep them closed with hook and loop tape. My first ones were hot glued shut after the strips were attached. Hard to get open for adjustments or replacements. Occasionally you may need to open them for one reason or another and Hot glue works TO GOOD some times.
  11. Disparky: are you planning on being at the Florida mini later in Feb ?
  12. keep in mind, RGB pixels will not run from the ac controllers you run your led's from. You will need a different type of controller (E1.31 type). RGB pixels (ribbons) are DC (5 volt or 12 volt) not 120 AC.
  13. Like most there are a number of ways to go about this. A dongle will give you 170 dub stings worth of room. Depending on how many different addressable strings on the dumb mega trees you could use 1or a few of the 9 channel controllers (daisy chained) and if the small trees are a single addressable string(s), it might be best to use the small 3 channel controllers on each of the mini trees. Many of the newer smart string controllers have dmx outputs (eliminating the need for a dongle) and allowing future expansion to smart strings. LOR's newest RGB controller can still be sequenc
  14. the issue isn't the glue or the PVC it is the silicone. can't remember at the moment but there is a discussion two years ago about the same issue. there is a liquid that you can apply to the back of the strip then silicone glue the strip (just can't remember the name of the stuff at the moment).
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