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  1. in and out just like clock work. Only after one set of CCBs
  2. Thanks for the words. I surprise even myself with how calm I have been about this all day. Just got done setting up my virtual Santa. I feel OK. I did file a police report. This is a town of about 20,000. I am getting the word out, I really think it will turn up somewhere. Happy Holidays
  3. Got up this morning for my daily 6 am walk to find my donation box, in this case a 6 foot tall PVC candy cane, had been ripped from the ground and stolen. No chance to replace it this year so the organizations we support are the losers. Will have to make it more secure next year.
  4. I had everything ready, controllers bolted down so they wont walk off, all wiring complete started to test and realized I put them in the wrong places. Should have been 1 2 3 was 3 1 2 . had to open them up and change all the addresses. WTF.
  5. I never got a shipping notification but my lights came today so i am happy
  6. Not me but I did find out that the stake I drove in to mount my donation candy cane went through my sprinkler pipe. Had to do a quick patch job.
  7. I was in and out pretty quick, Always forget to enter my phone number. 2 DC controllers and one PC complete ahhhhhhhhh
  8. check in your local home improvement store but not for Dryer vent, they still have the white but for like exhaust fans and such. Our Menards carries both
  9. Hi Greg, Do the pigtails and extensions all have the same connections (are the compatible), pictures just look different and are they all compatible with the connectors you sold last year?
  10. My home town had none and I thought I was out of luck but traveled to Portales, NM to visit my daughter and scored 12 at Walmart for 1.47 each.
  11. I didnt get it built but I set it up in my hallway and I was very impressed with how the color looks. difused nicely, I plan to make a CCR circle for next year
  12. yeah I would remove the heat sinks, I am guessing you are tying all the grounds together. Try that and see what happens, I dont think you need them.
  13. Yes that plus a bit of wire will do the trick.
  14. A point I might add is to look at the product as far as how many LEDs are in the strip. The one on Amazon indicates 150 LEDs while others in the same price range have 300 LEDs. I added one strip of 300 ( 5 meters) this year and it is very bright but not sure how bright 150 would look. Just saying, check out all the details before ordering.
  15. I'm happy with my HD Flip and i use Roxio Video Wave to edit, like it a lot.
  16. Finally got to editing another video, I like this one. NutRocker
  17. I agree with Mr. Bullard. I have had sequences that ran fine in the sequence editor but would not run in a show until I ran the music file through Roxio ( or audacity) and made sure it was 128K.
  18. Here is one that is a give away of the day, I down loaded it and converted an MP4 to AVI with no issue. Free today video convert
  19. Thanks for the feedback, I said in my post that this was the first video of 2011 but this is our 3rd year. I need to update my channel count as it is at 160 now. Not much traffic yet. Best to all Rick
  20. Here is the first video from our 2011 show First Snow - TSO
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