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  1. glad to see you RichardH - I just had to type in your name when updating my profile "Where did you hear about LightORama from" section just now. Oh, and I like it so far too
  2. My first year I got a spool of LED red from Action to use on the eves (single long 90' section). Late in the year decided I wanted to do along the base also and got 5 18' sections of incan from Walmart for that. Surprisingly, the LED and incan used almost the same amps at full power. The next summer I pulled out the LED to use at July4 and had bad sections. Ended up just junking it, but the Walmart cheapies are still going strong. Not bad-mouthing Action and YMMV, but if I am to use ropelight again, I'll get the cheap incan instead of reeling my own LED off a spool...
  3. wbottomley wrote: When I clicked on the link, one of the sponsored links was for Terminix Chipmunk Removal. Funnier than Facebook suggesting new friends that recently died though...
  4. I just got off the Disney Wonder cruise to Alaska on Monday. Even this 10 year old ship is pretty cool (was on the Dream last year). Attached files
  5. Q: What does a rabbi charge to perform a circumcision? A: Nothing - he only takes tips.
  6. I started with 32 channels myself, all those years ago... Here's how I ended up distributing the channels: 1C01-03: 3 channel Bethlehem Star on roof 1C04-05: 2 different sets of lights on eve of house, red and white 1C06: FM sign 1C07-08: left and right bushes 1C09-16: 8 North Poles 2C01-12: 12-channel single color (red) mega tree slices 2C13-15: 3-channel star on top of mega tree 2C16: ornaments in mega tree I've grown into 7 controllers and 4 CCRs to date, but I still use controller 1 to cover the big real estate of trimming out the house (my tree now uses 3 controllers). My advise, use som
  7. I have a Macbook AIR with Parallels/Win7 that is my every day computer. I have LOR on it that I sequence with, and I have ran my (smaller) Halloween show from it, but I have no doubt it would run the bigger show flawlessly. Well, as flawless as Microsoft will allow. I still find I have to reboot my machine occasionally after using Windows. I went the parallels route rather than bootcamp as I have become unaccustamued to rebooting/shutting down. Thinking with bootcamp, you'd still have the lockups so I'll stick with Parallels. Bought both Parallels and Windows 7 on amazon - seems they are almo
  8. The first year I didn't give much thought to "plug-inside" or "plug-outside" when I rolled mine and ended up about half and half. (Plug-outisde allows you to plug it in without unrolling to test if it works, while plug-inside allowed me to put the end on my tree hook head and unwind it). I'm still undecided which I prefer - if all goes well I think it's quicker to set up with plug-inside, but I like to be able to test them before I go through the trouble of unwinding a string so I stanadardized on plug-outside. Myabe next year I'll switch again... Attached files
  9. I just received my first Servo Dog this week, still in the box. And I have a new Triaxial skull kit too. I don't know when I am going to get around to playing with it, but I am determined to keep it in the LOR family. Lots of good stuff out there for Lynxmotion and VSA on the haunter forums, but I've never run across much for servo dog. WHEN I get around to playing with this, I will try to do a decent amount of documenting and I will try to relay my experience. But it may be a while...
  10. So, what are you thinking Darksyde? Some animated lighting, or syncing to music with and FM broadcast? Traditional Christmas type lights, or the new rage RGB stuff? Do you use any lighting inside the scenes now?
  11. I see EDM just added this setup to their website, but it says it is not to be used in the United States. I have therefore notified the proper government authorities and you can expect a visit from the men in black suits. I believe the current fine for such an infraction is they take your birthday away for a period of 3 years.
  12. I googled that description and found some better specs: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/506015570/LED_RGB_Wall_Wash_Light_Stage.html I think they meant "glass", not "grass".
  13. And now we know why HolidayCoro ran out of stock on those 3 channel controllers a few weeks ago...
  14. Unusually warm for us this winter - I don't remember it getting below 0 here all winter (or not much). I'd guess the avg temp has been about 20F higher than normal. We had rain twice in Jan (never seen that before), and parts of my grass are still green. I blame the Canadians for tightening their borders...
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