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  1. It's been a long time, but what I remember is I had to tell win 7 LOR was 32 bit.
  2. I know living in Kingsville (near Corpus Christi) I'm too far away from you, but as far as asking for help my experience is folks just knock on the door. There are now 2 other shows in town and that's how both people got started talking to me about the "how did you....."
  3. The number of channels is dependent on what props you want to add to your show. For example; if you want a mega tree you will need about 8 channels per color, if you want a Robin wheel it will take 24 channels, leaping arches 7 or 8 channels per arch. 2008 I started with 16 channels, I'm now up to 192. It's an addiction
  4. 6" spacing between pixels might be a little far, but then again that might be the look you want. CCRs are spaced about a 3rd of that as a point of reference. I have a matrix that uses 3 CCPs. I had to setup a network just for them. I have no experience with ELL. Sequencing will be long the first time you do a pattern. Complex color changes will add to the time. Once the pattern is completed you only have to copy and paste. Long setup time, no different than regular arch once patterns are complete. Stretch to fit paste option will become your friend.
  5. I have been able to video a few of the songs for 2013. Happy to say heavy traffic making it hard to video. Merry Christmas everyone - down on the corner Creedence Clearwater - dreams of fireflies
  6. In sequence editor; play menu - check "lights off at end"
  7. I suggest that you use all CCBs and not use any CCRs. CCR controllers are not weather proof. They are only flexible in 1 direction so the squared off portion at the bottom of your columns will have to be twisted 90 degrees to make the turns, putting the edge facing the street. My own personal experience is they are not reliable. I have one CCR that has 5 dead sections (it is 2 years old). You are going to have a lot of flexibility, and a lot of channels to sequence. You need to start sequencing ASAP.
  8. The way you set up the spokes is a personal choice. I would suggest that you create animation sequence and build all the patterns you will be using in it. Then using copy and stretch to fit paste, transfer them into your musical sequences. I have had a wheel in my display for 4 years now, and I have over 30 patterns. I would hate to think how much time I would have spent re-sequencing the patterns each time I used them.
  9. I haven't had my CCPs long enough (1 year) to say if they are reliable or not, but both of my CCRs are experiencing pixel failure after 2 years. CCRs are fragile, only bend in one plane, and the spacing between pixels is fixed. CCPs are like working with an ordinary string of lights. I would not recommend buying CCRs for reliability reasons. That being said, using CCPs for a tree would require a unique mounting system to keep them facing in the correct direction, the spacing between bulbs is long ( 6") and with the 100 bulb sets the controller is in the middle on the "string" (actually 2
  10. The first year I had a spiral tree I used 12 channels. My tree is 20' tall and it was a bgd hit. If you are short on channels, I suggest trying 12, and save the other 4 for other things.
  11. Thanks berniebean, that's a new one on me!
  12. For my own information, how was the problem fixed?
  13. Start the Hardware Utility again, it should tell you has a problem with the comm port you originally setup. Run the auto configure comm port again. It is important that you plug your adapter into the same usb everytime. Shutdown the HU and start the sequence editor, you should have a green bulb now. Good Luck
  14. So, did Bobalee01 get the answer to his question? Like LORi P I got lost in the discussion, however if anyone needs help with their still I'll be glad to help ROFL
  15. Dennis; I think I got it. The total current supplied to the LEDs remains constant (the voltage compensation done in the bias resistor), since the total number of LEDs has been reduced, the remaining ones have to use more. I learned something today.
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