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  1. Is there a way to set up your channels in Excel and then import them? If Not could that be added as an upgrade?
  2. Mike, If its a version 1 board you can update to 4.32 if its a V2 board you can update to 4.40. If you hook it up with the LOR dongle and open Hardware and click find controllers it will tell you in the controller type box.
  3. I run my show computer with two nic cards so it's all off my house network. So I guess with that info I'm going to run in unicast. Don't see any difference this year for me. But if all goes good for this year, I will have to run Unicast next year because of the increase of pixels.
  4. should I use multicast or unicast with LOR? Is there a better one to use? I got them both to work just wondering if one is better than the other.
  5. got the file guys. Thank you all for your help. they are all up and running.
  6. no I have not. We use Extron and Crestron to control.
  7. I install a lot of these with my job. We are a dealer for them. the best way to not have anything show and not waste your bulb life would be to control it with the RS-232 and turn it off remotely. the cost of a new bulb is around $150 for 1500 to 2000 hrs. and being out in a non controlled environment it cold make it less.
  8. If I click on this link http://sandevices.com/documents/SanDevices_E6804_Assembly_Manual.pdf I get and message that states : the file is damaged and could not be repaired. Dose anyone have a copy, I would love to build my controllers.
  9. 90% of my display is still up. Been wet/snow every weekend or if its been nice I have not done any of it yet. It takes so long to put up I kinda don't want to bother with it.
  10. I'm looking for light clips that will attach to the GECE's and then clip on to 1/4" rod. Dose anyone have a solution for this?
  11. well if you are going to have them then you will have another customer.
  12. The 20" is all I need but all y'all have is 4 pin and i'm looking for 3 pin and 3 pin tee's.
  13. Ok so this year I am moving into the pixel world and need to order a few things from Ray. But I'm at a loss about how to do it. Any help would be nice.
  14. yes they are. all LOR controllers have to have a dongle to run.
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