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  1. Nothing. I started in 2007 & planned to stop back in 2017. So I sold 20 16 Channel AC Controllers but kept four 16 channel AC controllers & four 8 channel controllers. Plus I kept 24 CCP controllers/pixels, plus 3-pixie 4 controllers, & one pixie 16 controller. So I have enough. On a sad side not to many folks where I live care anymore. Anyhow I set up my now smaller display in 2020. Then 1.5 weeks into December someone said there is a decorating contest. I didn't believe it. We came home 1 day & we had this sign on our yard 2020 winner. (Best lights). Drove around town & noticed more decorated homes than I seen in years. Plus viewers started to come back out front again. Covid19 had folks down but the lights around town brightened up peoples Christmas. So I will do one more musical year.
  2. I'm still working on This Is Christmas by Kutless sequence. AC controllers are done (well the mini trees may get green lights too.) Red & green lights this year. Might even add blue lights but not in this sequence. I am working on the Pixel arches now, & then my spiral pixel tree, & maybe another pixel tree. Thinking of pixel circles too. However I will look at the lms file you sent (now the controller configuration file) & I can do some of it. The sequence will be coming as promised.
  3. I use 1" ID Jason Eva Tubing Semi-Clear (milky white). Looks like this. I cut mine in 8 foot lengths. You could cut the lengths a bit bigger. I placed two L shape elbows 1"on a 2x4 (flipped on its side). I put the tubing over the elbows. I used two pieces of 20" 2x4 on the side of the arch to help it stand One on each end. I drilled 50 holes for the pixel bullets . You'll need to measure it out.
  4. I used Tomato Cages too. 2 per cages per tree. Wrapped 250 to 300 Leds around it per colour. Mainly just 2 colours, once or twice 3 colours. Then I sold most of my stuff & now I use 1 colour per tree. Maybe 2 colours like red & green Leds this year. However since times are hard $$ wise for me now, now I use 100 count Led light strings & zip tie the light string to each rib (6 ribs) but if there is a big gap between ribs then I make a rib or 2. Six ribs means you need 16 lights per rib. 7 ribs 14 lights per rib & 8 ribs you need about 12 lights per rib. My trees are from 12 to 14 lights per rib. My trees are 38" tall . 11 mini trees. My yard is small too but 16 mini trees can fit in it. My 1st mini trees between 2007-2017 were short but had as I mentioned above lots of lights on them. They were short because I cut the tops off. No one seemed to care. I took almost all of my videos down from YT but now I put a few back up. I forgot I took a break from a musical display in 2015. Rock N Rolling snowman was back in 2010 or 2011. The other video is my way smaller 2020 display , not much will change in 2021. You can see the Mini trees.
  5. You could always use 12 CCR Matrix sequences in your 16 x 50 pixel matrix. You could buy from Superstar Lights or Wowlights. Plus you could always scroll just words across the Matrix (Screen)<--<< Wowlights calls it a screen. Words to the song your playing scrolls across. I scrolled words from the right to the left (looking at it from the street) or up & down. Or as was already mentioned by dibblejr you could make a vertical matrix & use 12 CCR sequences or 16 CCR sequences. You can buy 12 or 16 CCR sequences from what I mentioned above plus a few other places. Check vendor section.
  6. Stick with S4 for this year. You'll be happy, your viewers will be happy that you put on a show for the 2021 season. My show is simple and S4 works good for what I do. Sure I paid for S5 & I have it on a different Laptop but on this Laptop I have S4 & for time sake I stayed with S4 again this year. So bring on the smiles by having a show.
  7. The traditional way of wrapping arches with white LEDs still has a place in my heart as I like the brightness of the arches. You can wrap Leds on sleeves for better storing etc but as I go into year 14 (2021) of my musical light show I found using Pixels in Pex pipe (not that clear stuff) but the white tubing. & drilling 50 holes measured out to look not that bad. Not as bright as traditional arches but it still looks sharp. My arch is 58 inches long & 36" high. It look like an arch. I put the arch on a 2x4 (not flat but on its edge.) Then attach 1 2x4 (24") on each end to keep it standing. I insert L- shape PVC elbows into ea end of the tubing & the other part of the elbow I screw to the 2x4. I use Superstar to sequence my arches which saves time.
  8. Are you using only AC lor controllers? Or do you have a 16 CCR tree or 24 x 50 Matrix?
  9. I don't do a Canada Day show but I did use some songs in my Christmas display. I used this song. I just can't remember how I got the song. I to to ask indie artists for good Christmas music, and permission. Plus I used this song too. I bought it on iTunes.
  10. I thought I had no issues with the G4-Director unit but now I remember an issue I had. Had nothing to do with Freezing up but with adding more than 1 non-musical sequence to the SD card with musical sequences. If I had 2 non-musical sequences mixed in with the musical sequences the director unit would only go through the one & then start over. I mixed them up but only the 1st 4 or 5 sequences played. So I removed one of the non-musical sequences & put 6 musical on then 1 non-musical (1 minute) as a break, then added 5 more & then it worked. I also had an emergency back up SD card. Just a thought but could the SD card you folks are using be something that just won't work right in your Director unit & so it freezes up?. I added a few musical sequences to an SD card & it played 1 musical sequences & stopped working. I ejected the SD card pushed it back in & again only 1 sequenced played. I formatted it & all but no help. I went to one of my original SD cards Lexar) from around 2007 formatted it uploaded 5 musical sequences & they all played. Even the one I got from Staples 2GB (their name on it) & it worked fine too. Try that SD card again (the one that only played 1 sequence) and added different sequences but again only 1 sequence played & stopped. I thought I would share that.
  11. Director units do work. From 2008 - 2012 I used the mini director unit. In 2008 it ran 48 reg. Lor channels, in 2009 it ran 160 reg Lor channels, in 2009 it ran 192 reg Lor channels, and from in 2010-2012 in ran 272 reg lor channels. All ran smoothly. Also all the AC controllers worked in -20,-30, & -40 degree weather. The mini director was in the house. However in 2013 I decided to make a 12 CCR Matrix & 4 (you can say) mini arches. They took only 1 CCP controller with 2 smart pixel strings. 25 nodes in each arch. I didn't need to drill holes because the stuff I used was for lawn edging and it had slits in it & the nodes fit nicely . However to give it brightness I had to use white duct tape (It was bright (red , Green Blue etc)but you didn't get that glow like you do with tubing.) Anyhow I used the Generation 3 MP3 Director unit. It ran my 272 channels (2013), on Net 1 at reg. speed, it ran the 12 ccrs & the arches at 500 speed Aux A. It ran from 2013 to 2017....with no problems. 2014-2017 I used only 64 regular as I sold most everything. In 2016 I made a vertical 16 smart Pixel string Matrix, & used the same smart pixel arches Here is why a computer comes in handy(used/refurbished). Even the fancy G3MP3 Director unit did stop working in 2018, so I had to use my 1 & only 5 yr old laptop. In 2019 I bought the N4-G4 MP3 Director unit. I ran my 2019 show 64 AC channels, a 24 x 50 pixel Matrix, & 2 - 50 count pixel arches (used tubing) where I drilled out the holes. Ran no problem. 2020 it ran no problem. Less the Matrix, but increased to 4 pixel arches (used tubing), & a smart pixel node spiral tree <<--<< a 4 port Pixie controller with folded strings to make 8 25 pixel count strings was used. Ran it all at reg speed. I am staying with a smaller display these days as I am getting older & time is limited now. I can sequence 16 or more sequences for AC Controllers before December 1st. than I can when I sequence a 24 x 50 or what I did this year but never used a 32 x 50 Matrix. So I did all those hours & never used them. I still got 11 sequences fixed up for this year. The only thing I am adding this year (I think it is the only thing) is a 6.6ft geometric tree that will be unique. It will house 16 - 50 count smart pixel notes. I will be using my never before used 16 port Pixie controller. Again I will be using the N4-G4 MP3 Director unit to run the show. This time I have a back up laptop. If you stay with only 16 channel AC controllers & never use smart or dumb Pixels notes then the mini MP3 director will work .
  12. I am curious how a 32 x 64 pixel matrix will look like. I made a few 32 x 50 Matrix sequences for my 32 x 50 Matrix but I ran out of time completing the Matrix. Adding lights etc. Maybe I will use it for the 2021 season.
  13. I made a pixel tree back in 2016 (actual it wasn't a tree, it was a vertical Matrix) 16 x 50. It was clear. Pictures, etc looked great. If I ever made another vertical matrix it would be at least 24 x 50 or 24 x 100. The more pixel strings the more easier (in my opinion) it is to sequence. When I sequenced for my 2019 24 x 50 Matrix that was only 6ft long & 3ft deep it was like watching a TV but lower resolution. Anyhow I found it easier to sequence the 24 x 50 Matrix than I did the 12 CCR Matrix. I was to have a 32 X 50 Matrix & I made a few sequences but I ran out of time to make my special Matrix I was designing for this past Christmas season. The same with the tree 16 CCR was a bit easier than the 12 CCR tree to sequence. You can do better animation when you have more pixels to work with. Anyhow I think a 16 Pixel Tree would look ok, however just don't make the base to wide. Can you talk your wife into letting your buy a 16 port Pixie or Pixcon controller & a 8 port Pixie or Pixcon controller. 24 pixel strings. If you don't want to sequence them you can buy 24 ccr tree sequences. Just not sure if they are good for 100 pixels, they might only be good for 50 pixel high.
  14. This was an interesting thread. Reading about SD cards. Some SD cards I have from back in 2008 (Lexar, Staples brand) are still working. Some of my Kingston brand SD cards stopped working. I don't think I ever had a SanDisk work for me or rarely ever. So again this year I ran my smaller than usual display off of the N4-G4-MP3 director unit that I bought when they 1st came out. This year I ran the smaller light show from 57.6 speed. Because the display was small ..... the 64 regular channels & the pixie 4 controller (running a 6ft spiral tree with the strings folded in half to make 8 25 count strings) & three 5V CCP arches ( only 2 CCP controllers) then it worked fine. So maybe next year when I add the 16 port Pixie controller that I have sitting here for 2 seasons never used I may need to up the speed.... not on the regular channels or even on the pixel spiral tree or pixel arches but on the new 6.6ft geometric tree that I am going to be lighting up.... it may need to be on Aux A at 500. I will try 115 1st. I bought the tree from a department store. It won't be like the Lor 6.6ft Pixel trees but it will be unique. The other tree had 1,800 Leds I had to take off, however this tree I am keeping the lights on because that way I can fasten the pixel notes to the Leds strings since the go up & down. Then there are the singing trees I plan to make. 2 for sure. I am only thinking of using regular lor channels 7 or 8 channels per tree. <--<< (but that could change). If I go back to the Matrix then the 32 x 50 Matrix will be on Aux B. I make my own Matrix sequences. Just that it is very time consuming making your own sequences, but I save $$$ from buying them. Anyhow this thread got me thinking.
  15. I bought clearance 5v 50 count strings. 5 strings didn't work right of the bat. The rest did.
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