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  1. I had 2 Marty fans in my display off and on from 2009 to 2013. One year I had to Mega Trees, the next year 2 Fans instead of the Mega Trees. I used the frame a12 foot trampoline to make the 2 fans. Then I made 2 smaller fans from an 8ft trampoline and that way I could have 2 Mega Trees & 2 Fans, 4 arches and up to 16 mini trees...(2 colours). Then I made a different kind of fan for the 2019 season. Looks like fan blades.
  2. Raising this thread again. I wish we still had an Canadian Christmas forum. I was preparing a contest back in 2016 but the Calgary forum closed down. I was working on finding some judges (like in the one contest where we had a Glee actor). I am hoping to get back to a groove again in decorating. Where I live no one seems to care about all the fancy Matrix sequences /Ribbon Tree stuff. Looks like folks want me to go more Traditional (mega trees, regular arches). I shall try.
  3. I C that you still use Eddie Bush's song in your display. Nice setup. I just got back into a musical display this year. The last time was 2016. Sold most of my stuff so I went small.
  4. Maybe test those 2 controllers to see if they are working. Check the fuses.
  5. I know your question was solved but I am just curious......in the 1st picture you posted was that power supple a 12 volt power supple? If it was then I take it you switched it out to a 5 volt power supple.
  6. Which song version of Moves Like Santa are you using? The version I have is by Marcie Joy.
  7. My G3 one worked great. I ran my regular lor channels (300) & a 16 ccr Matrix & 16 CCP controllers no problem. However I just bought the G4 with 4 ports last Wednesday .....should arrive by next Wensday I am guessing.
  8. If anything could I have please have your Lcc file? So I can see what the song I mentioned above would look like on your house. Please & thankyou.
  9. Mega Arch are you will to share the sequence & your lcc file .Please!!! It has been a few years for me & so it is like starting over again. I sold most stuff but I want to get into sequencing again if nothing else. I want to try & make a sequence to a song from a singer that follows me on twitter. Her version of All I Want For Christmas. Kate Grom is her name. If I can get it done maybe you can add it in your display even if just for a day or 2. Make a video so that I can show her. Please & thank you.
  10. I am, sorry to hear this news. It does happen. Happen to us in our old home 1 season but it stopped because we talked with a lady who talked to her song who talked with his friends & then it stopped. Then we move & all was good for 10 years & then it happened again. This time it effected me to the point where I decorated less....but kept decorating & even though I am doing a static display again this year I when bigger than I have in the past few years. It may get you down, and you may want to scale back a bit but if you do remember to keep on plugging away even if you scale
  11. I still have 12 ribbons. I haven't used them in 5 years.
  12. In my yard I don't have room for circles, & so arches work for me. On the other hand a person can have both. Circles in my ash tree might look cool.
  13. Out of curiosity how many channels do you have? Is your setup done for the 2018 Christmas season?
  14. There is another option. Like leaving the face of the house static for this year & putting up a nice mega tree or two, 15 mini trees, say 5 pixel arches (Smart Pixels) , 2 Marty fans (say 13 channels each) & then let me sequence a song for you. I need the practice. Been a couple years since I did a regular display. Spent to much time sequencing animation pixel Matrix or Tree sequences.
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