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  1. We will sometimes release versions of the Light-O-Rama software suite as "open betas". This post is meant to answer several common questions about beta releases. What is beta software? Beta software is code that has been tested by the programmers who have written it and has received some internal testing by other members of the company. The software is stable enough to be tested by a rather large group, but it is not software that is ready for general release. Why an open beta? We have received many requests from people asking to join the beta testing group. In the p
  2. New video: Fade Down Up Chase. This is just a little example of using the Chase, Copy/Paste Multiple, and Fill tools. It results in an inverted fade being chased through an all-on background.
  3. Hi, I'm sorry, I missed your original question. You're correct that you can use Windows shell commands. You might also want to consider building the sequence with a video file instead of an audio file.
  4. New video: Windows Shell Commands. This is a way to get LOR to tell your computer to do... something... whenever a particular sequence starts up. More or less anything you can tell your computer to do, you can tell LOR to tell your computer to do. Warning: This video is over 20 minutes long.
  5. For Beta Testers: What is a bug: When software does not do what it is supposed to do then that is a bug. For example: You click the stop button and the music does not stop, the program crashes, etc. A more nebulous bug is performance. If the function works but does so in a manor (such as too slow) where the usability of the product is in question then that should be reported. What is not a bug: A function that you believe should be there but is not, the look and feel of things, etc... In this forum please only report bugs (including poor performance)... Please place non-bug stuff in the co
  6. Hi, Just want to clear up some possible confusion about "workarounds": When you discover an issue, we will put it on the issues page, under "Open Issues". If, at that time, we can find some workaround that can be used to at least mitigate the issue a little, we note this workaround on the issues page. We do not consider these workarounds to be fixes. When we move an issue from "Open" to "Testing", it means that we think that we really fixed the issue. Its entry may still have its workaround listed, but what we really would like you to retest is that the issue has been resolved, not that th
  7. Hmmm... "Yes, but". First, you mean 150 RGB channels, not 150 channels, right? That is, you mean 450 channels grouped three apiece into 150 RGB channels, as opposed to 150 channels grouped three apiece into 50 RGB channels? I'll give two suggestions. The first won't work in this particular situation, due to the number of channels. However, I just want to mention it because I think it would be the easiest way, if you were using less channels. The second way will work for you, but will be a few more clicks. (1) If you were using 16 RGB channels (48 channels) or less, then I think the q
  8. Added VU Wizard, which shows the basic use of the VU Wizard. The VU Wizard can be used to make your lights behave like a VU meter (on a stereo system) behaves.
  9. OK, I have added a DMX Universes video.
  10. At least in my browser (Firefox), if you go to the directory that they are in, you can right-click on any of them, and then select "Save Link As" to save it to disk. I imagine there are similar ways to do it in other browsers too.
  11. Added Foreground and Background, showing how to use Foreground Effects mode and Background Effects mode.
  12. Added Negative Chase, showing how to use the Chase and Toggle tools to do a "negative" chase, including on RGB channels.
  13. Added Edit Media File, which shows something you can do if your sequence can't find your media file.
  14. And Move to Group via Temporary Group 2, which expands upon -klb-'s idea to move a channel to a specific spot in the group.
  15. And Move to Group via Temporary Group, which shows a similar trick that may be better in some situations. Thanks to -klb- for pointing this trick out.
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