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  1. It may be the middle of summer, but our Summer Sale will end in just two more weeks. If you dream of saving 25% on all your Christmas lighting and supplies, you need to order no later than July 22nd! Creative Displays Annual Summer Sale is our last big sales event of the year. From now through July 22ndeverything in our warehouse (and commercial displays) will be discounted 25% including LED and incandescent lights, mini lights, strobes, icicle lights, globe lights, cord spools, plugs, timers, wreaths, garland and more. Remember, you have just two more weeks to take advanta
  2. Three weeks left to save 25% off of everything in our store at www.creativedisplays.com !
  3. I will be there and have a booth for www.creativedisplays.com
  4. If I offered a basic 50 count LED light string with WHITE WIRE, should it be M5/6, C6 or 5MM style lights?
  5. Has everyone signed up for our E-mail list? We are having weekly specials e-mailed every Monday morning and we have some really good ones coming up! Sign up in the upper right hand corner at www.creativedisplays.com .
  6. It can happen to anyone, anytime. I wouldn't get too worked up about it. Your card company should take care of it. Last summer someone spent $850 on my Amex card in a bait shop in the Caribbean. amex notified me on Saturday morning and on Monday I had a new card!
  7. I guess the short answer would be because I asked. The longer version is I have a long relationship with them and it's not uncommon for me to comunicate with many of my venders.
  8. Ok it's time for me to jump in knowing that I'm going to be criticized for doing so but I think you should get a behind the scene account of what really happened. I don't understand why Jacob won't fess up but here is what I've been told. When Jacob ordered his lights, he goes through a broker and not direct with the factory. I think his broker tried to make some extra money and went to a lesser factory to place the order. I kept asking my factory if they got an order from MITS all spring and summer and they kept telling me no. When Jacob got the first container he probably went into pani
  9. Last week for the sale at www.creativedisplays.com - sale ends next Friday, July 20.
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