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  1. sknight, when you have a problem and so many try to solve it for you, we all would like to know what the solution was so others with the same or like problems may remember this post and not have to ask the same question again.
  2. Nothing else works, restart the computer, that happened to me last month.
  3. Look at this video of Sandstorm on the right side starting at 00:16
  4. Here's another. Looks like I'm out of space to do another upload.
  5. I have used the snowfall tubes for a few years under the eves of my house and have made starburst as well, you have to be careful they will get condensation in them if used in an unprotected area. You can see them in action in my videos here:
  6. I have some HLE lights that are 12 years old and still going.
  7. Nice story Brian and sorry to see you go dark. I went dark last year but came back because I missed the thrill of Christmas lights and all the people that came to see them. My new display is a down sized version of the old one and a lot easier for me to manage. Good luck and enjoy whatever you are going to do in your spare time Earle
  8. That looks like a older model GEN 3, some of the first were miss labeled. When plugged in there will be a small green light to the upper left side of the board.
  9. They have always come thru for me as well, great people to work with.
  10. After selling all my display at the end of 2018 and taking a year off, getting back and having to rebuild a scaled down version of the old display, not to mention my age (76) and having to re-due all my sequences, I think I'm tired.
  11. YES !! PhilMassey and it goes on every year about this time.
  12. All controllers and the EDM transmitter has been sold.
  13. I have 2 - GEN 2 controllers, if you want to come over and pick one up it saves on shipping charges. Going to send you a PM. Earle
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