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  1. They have always come thru for me as well, great people to work with.
  2. After selling all my display at the end of 2018 and taking a year off, getting back and having to rebuild a scaled down version of the old display, not to mention my age (76) and having to re-due all my sequences, I think I'm tired.
  3. YES !! PhilMassey and it goes on every year about this time.
  4. All controllers and the EDM transmitter has been sold.
  5. I have 2 - GEN 2 controllers, if you want to come over and pick one up it saves on shipping charges. Going to send you a PM. Earle
  6. The GEN 1 controllers have been sold, I still have 2 GEN 2 controllers for sale at $100.00 plus shipping within the Continental US .
  7. Dcroc just sent you a refund on shipping charges.
  8. bbeismann I just 2 controllers to NJ and got an est for you $25 - $30 to Dayton OH.
  9. The GEN 1 controllers are on hold until Friday 11/13/2020.
  10. Sorry for the delay , been out trying to get my mega tree up. Yes I have 2 - GEN 2 controllers left shipping est. would about $40.00 I normally refund any extra that is left and I pay if short. If you want them send me a PM , if done tonight they will go out with Dcroc's tomorrow.
  11. These items that I have listed above will only be shipped within the Continental US . Thank You Earle
  12. Coach will send you a PM. Earle
  13. GriswoldStyle drop over sometime just to BS or if I can be of any help just call or PM me. Keep in mind I'm still OLD SCHOOL. Earle
  14. Coach, If you have some time drop down and see me in Ocala and I can guide you the right if you want to stay LED. I'm located just off I75 1 1/2 mi on HY 27. I do have some equipment for sale also. Earle
  15. I just pulled the controllers out of the tot box and there are 4 - GEN 2 and 2 - GEN 1 . The GEN 1 controllers I will offer them for $100.00 and I pay the shipping , the GEN 2 are $100.00 plus shipping. Earle
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