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  1. Hi folks, I have a couple of RF-V4s with broken antennas, are there any replacement antennas available for them? Thanks for your help. Ron.
  2. Would have been more helpful if DevMike gave the steps to achieve this as outline in the HU configuration since there's nothing that says FLIP. I assume you meant REVERSE 😊
  3. The Ducks Good Evening I have 10 controllers and my network is set to 15 Units to save time searching. Ronald.
  4. I Got You Mr. P, But my problem exist even with only one controller connected. No show... So we have a flaky HU then? Ronald.
  5. Fair Enough Santas Helper, But what if you want to change the ID #, or upgrade the firmware, or run a standalone sequence etc. Ronald.
  6. Wow Bigfrog 59 Surely there must be some reason this is happening. I was hoping someone here may have dealt with this before and had the answer. Guess we will have to talk to LOR to get an answer on this because it's very frustrating not being able to access the unit to make any changes. Ronald.
  7. Thanks Mr. P I have just realized that exactly. The lights responds to the sequence even though the controller not showing in HWU. (weird though isn't it) Ronald.
  8. I am no longer seeing one of my controllers in the HWU even though the status LED is solid red. LOR1602W Things I have done so far: Reset the controller - no success Change CAT5 cables - no success Shut down all other controllers and Plug main CAT5 cable into this controller - no success All other controllers are working even the ones down stream from the bad one Any help is appreciated my friends. Ronald. P.S. - I have just realized that when I run a sequence the lights on the no show controller is working. (weird) Any ideas why this is happening?
  9. Hank, Just want to say thanks so much for sharing your tutorial. It has been most helpful my friend. With the amount of people cutting or wanting to cut their CCRs it looks like LOR could benefit from selling different size Ribbons with male and female connectors. Is there a need for such? What do you guys think? Ron.
  10. Now that is what I call "Experience" You just can't beat it and that man George -
  11. Thanks for asking that question Oilmoney. Helpful to me... I was of your opinion also. If I can select it then it should work. Happy Holidays.
  12. Ken, A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it includes "Devi" . I really appreciate the detailed info on your arches. Good Idea my friend and I think I will try it out myself. I have a similar fence setup in my front yard. I am not a Ham but an enthusiast. Have been hanging around the hobby for many years... Thanks once again and give my regards to Devi. Ron.
  13. Ken, That idea sounds Interesting, a few pics would be nice to see even though your description is quite graphic. How many strings did you use... How many arches did you make...
  14. Hi, Could someone please explain this on page 11 in the CCB manual: " Unit ID Mode (Default is Normal) Normal means one ID for all 320 channels" Thanks Ron
  15. Hi Wes, I too started with one CCR, first year I use it in a large Arch made out of 3/4" pvc and the next year I use it in a Circle on 1/2" pvc. Both times it was a hit with the visitors. If you are not up on sequencing you can use the "Instant Sequence" feature in SuperStar to get some reasonable results. Ron.
  16. Wow!!! You guys rock... I am humbled at the site of what you guys are doing. ROBIGD how did you handle the length for the Frames? the CCBs are 25ft long per string so if your window were more or less how did you handled that? STEVE SYNEK I am assuming that you will be leaving them up all year right? Looks like a mighty fine job you did there in mounting them I wouldn't want to take them down other than for repairs. Thanks for sharing Ron.
  17. Hi, Would anyone be interested in showing how they are using their CCBs and CCPs. I have both but haven't come up with a workable design idea for them yet. Thanks Ron.
  18. What I would like to know is this: The LOR manual that come with the CCBs indicates that Unit ID Mode (Normal) means one unit ID for all 320 channels. (page 11) "Can someone explain what this means" Thanks Ron
  19. I just wish the LOR Quick Start Guide that comes with these units highlighted the fact that you need a unit ID for each string, and that you should set Unit ID mode in the Hardware Utility to: Double Normal. This would really help the newbies and non techies like me. Ron.
  20. Was there an answer to this problem somewhere else. This question was asked in 2012 but I see no clear answer. I bought a 100 string CCB and have the same problem. I followed LOR Quick Start Guide and was able to test string #1 but nowhere does it speaks to testing string #2. Ron.
  21. Help Needed; After upgrading to 3.10.6 LOR Control Panel won't run. I can run the individual programs from the start menu but not the lor control Panel. I am on Win7. Ron.
  22. Hi Stuart, They don't. They are just 48 normal channels. I am sure sometime in the future they will. Ron.
  23. George Simmons, on 01 November 2012 - 06:28 PM, said: Yes, you CAN do what you're asking, but that path can be fraught with peril. Just wondering if it wouldn't be helpful to explain a bit as to why... is it technical peril or logistical peril? Ron.
  24. Hi, What's your experience with the reliability of LED Rope lights. Bought a 150" roll of LED Rope Light last year from a reputable supplier, open the box plug it in and one section out. Because of the hassle to return it I decided to keep it. Work fine for the season. Took it out this season to check it and three (3) sections out. I am beginning to think that these expensive LED lights are not lasting as compared to the cheap throw away minis we have been using before. I switch to all LEDs despite the cost because of the boast that they last longer but I am loosing too many. Ron.
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