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  1. So had a triac go bad this year. Luckily I had a spare controller and I picked up some new ones from LOR and this will be my first time attempting a replacement (always just sent them in to LOR) so i decided it was time to "man up" and get with the times LOL. Anyway...... can anyone offer any special tips or advice when doing this? I have a basic understanding of doing it and my soldering skills are at best average. Heard of problems with removing the old triac. Heard one method is to clamps a vice grip on underside of bad triac and try to heat all solder points to get it to release but I hear it is very difficult. Then I heard best thing to do it snip the old triac out and then remove each pin one at a time. Like I said my soldering skills are not high so also was curious.... is flux a must? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Lovely bad triac noticed last night.... good thing I have a spare controller from the spring sale that I didnt end up using (until now) Gonna try my own triac repair this year (tired of sending them back to LOR) Saw a bunch on ebay but is there a specific style / model to use for a Gen3 30amp commercial controller? someone told me he gets his from LOR but I dont see them in the online store anywhere
  3. I use PE for sequencing my pixel tree (first year with it) and I "Save intensity data" in order for the SE to still be used for my other AC props in my show. So far working out great except that I cannot find any PE sequences for a tree either. I normally do all of my own sequencing and dont ask for help but I am pressed for time this year with all the additional stuff I am adding and re-designing I only have 5 of my 24 songs done with the pixels
  4. Let me know if you are able to get them converted to open up in PE because I can’t ..... shows no sequencing or effects at all in PE
  5. OK I guess I have some more learning to do because the only way I have been able to to it is open my current lms file in PE that has all of my AC Lor Programming. Add the effects for my prop then "Save Intensity Data" which creates the PE Prop in my SE but does not show the actual effects ... just a turquoise blue line
  6. Yes I already have a tree prop built in my preview for PE .... I opened up the LMS file he converted from the SS file and it shows no effects. My prop is there but no effects appear
  7. Yup that is pretty much on the money all that info you provided. I am having no problem with the PE program. I plan on starting to use S5 next season as i do not have the time right now to learn a new program. James was just trying to help me out because he had RGB Programming for a tree similiar to the pixel tree I just purchased and he has a lot of the same songs that i do..... I have 18 so was just trying to get ahead of it all as far as programming for Christmas but like I said before the files he sent me were created in superstar
  8. Not sure what part of my profile was incomplete that could of helped further but i assume you are talking about my software version and license level as they were 2 areas I did not have completed and to be honest never really noticed I did not fill them out . Software version is 4.3.26 with a pro license level
  9. When you say OP I assume you mean Original Poster ...being me. I did not want them converted to S5 as i do not use S5 i am using S4 and PE - James did convert one of the .sup files for me to lms but the effects did not show up when opened in PE
  10. He did send me the files in LMS format - not sure how he exported them but when I opened up in PE there was no data at all. When I open up the same file in SE it shows all of the effects and the channels all read CCR but I am using Pixels so does this pose a problem and a probable reason why it is not showing up in PE? I did open up a support ticket with LOR and their only reply was .... " SuperStar files are very different that Pixel Editor files and there's no converter that I know of. Sorry. "
  11. Firts year with pixels and doing a small 10' tree - someone sent me some sequencing to get me started but they are .sup files which I am assuming are for Supestar. Is there a way to get these files opened in Pixel Editor?
  12. Thanks James - I see they are all in .sup format which I assume is SuperStar - is there a way to get it converted in to Pixel Editor ? I guess I am limited or cannot figure out how to do it with having th elimited version of Superstar editor
  13. Thanks I nowhere near expected to get all of them as far is the pixel tree sequencing but any little bit will help
  14. Anyone sharing any Pixel sequences for a pixel tree or direct me where to find some .... willing to trade with regular sequences I have of over 18 songs and over 100 channels .... feel free to message me My Pixel tree will be 180 with 800 nodes total ... Gonna be using PE as I have no time to learn the S5 right now. Here is a list of my current songs if anyone has any of these Amazing Grace (Techno Version) Believe (from Polar Express) Blue Christmas (Elvis) Holly Jolly Christmas (Burl Ives) Wizards in Winter (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) We Need a Little Christmas (Johnny Mathis) All Alone on Christmas (Darlene Love) Christmas Eve Sarajevo(Trans-Siberian Orchestra) Christmas Vacation (Mavis Staples) Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano) Music Box Dancer (Frank Mills) Last Christmas (George Michael) All I Want for Christmas (Mariah Carey) Frosty the Snowman (Gene Autry) It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year (Andy Williams) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer(Gene Autry) Deck the Halls/Rooftop Mix (Glee) Carol of the Bells (Monique Danielle) Silent Night (Cinnamon) Jingle Bell Rock (38 Special) Winter Wonderland
  15. Downloaded and installed S5 today..... Upgraded my license getting continuous errors Get one at startup that reads: One or more problemsoccurred during startup A problem occurred when loading effect plugins Could not load file file or assembly ...... A problem occurred while loading shape plugins Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the loader Exceptions Then when I try to open a LMS Sequence the first thing that pops up is the "Upgrade Sequence to S5 Format" No matter which one of the choices pick for "preview source" ..... Import the block-style or auto generate a new preview it just tries to perform the action and nothing happens other than taking forever to try and complete the task Even if I try to create a new musical sequence I get the error that reads: A problem occurred while creating the sequence: Invalid shape name "Bulbs" is assigned to prop unit 01:01
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