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  1. I just decided to do the sequence myself, not like its something new...... as for the TSO plaque I'll hang it on the wall
  2. Last year was supposed to be my last year doing this "hobby" but at the last minute I decided to scale down my display (from 192 to 64 + 12 CCR Matrix) and do it, but... I don't have time to sequence any new music, or even want to but..... I work in Radio and our station always sponsors the TSO concert in our area and we get "swag" to do with what we want, Well I have a few of these (see pic) and I'm thinking of offering it to the person that can sequence (64 channel + 12 CCR Matrix) Pentatonix - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, if I offer this do you think it would motivate someone to do it? and
  3. I want to go back to "old school" does that count?
  4. If I purchase any CCR sequences this year this will be the one I like how this could be a hybrid sequence for either the Tree or the Matrix, well done Brian
  5. I made my son smile the first night the house "Danced to the Lights" = Priceless
  6. As a customer of Doug's I can endorse his product 100%, high craftsmanship and high quality material. He has made my Halloween and Christmas displays unique and non-surpassed....this is not a paid endorsement
  7. I finished my new CCR matrix, the video isn't the best https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ep8f2u1dwe5yhp/2014-11-11%2017.55.49.mp4?dl=0
  8. I finished the CCR Matrix display today https://www.dropbox.com/s/6pn8rtnuggl955z/2014-10-26%2017.01.46.jpg?dl=0
  9. For years I used to mount my 12 CCR matrix to this Blue Hawk 48-in x 50-ft Green Plastic/Polyresin Perimeter Fence I liked using this because at the end of the season I could roll up the fence and store the CCR's away and not worry about them, the only draw back was the ribbons would droop and I could never get a tight safe/no stress fit for the ribbons, so I lived with it, Then for the past few months I was thinking of a better way to create my CCR matrix panel, so I been pondering on many things and what won the contest in my head was this the Tuftex 96-in x 26-in .32-Gauge Clear Corrugate
  10. to me it sounds like somebody did a voice over of the audio of gangnam style, this isn't an actual song
  11. I didn't do a Halloween Show this year, (didn't feel like it) so I been getting ready for Christmas. I normally start setting up on November 1st, and today I was outside setting up some of my wireframes and my 12CCR matrix with the sun is shining and I am under no pressure, I might forget about Halloween next year as well I found a Gen3 16chanl controller still in the box (some assembly required) that I bought last year during the Summer Sale and now I stare at this unopened box and rub my chin and wonder if I should modify all my sequences and buy some more lights and install this controlle
  12. Hi spoonjr, I'm sorry for your loss, I lost my son to cancer 3 months ago... my wife doesn't want me to do a light show at all this year, she has stated "No Lights, No Reason" but, I am doing a light show anyhow, we get over a hundred cars a week and as we get closer to Christmas, you can easily double that amount. just because my wife and i (and you and your wife too) was given the worst thing a parent can go through, I still feel obligated to provide a nice light show for the families that still find time during their Christmas season to spend some time watching the blinking lights, plus my
  13. Here is what I have for snow, from snow to blizzard https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38706783/Snow%20CCR.zip
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