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  1. if you are displaying the grid select the universe to "watch"hit the "play' button and in the top area it will show what is generating the Sacn and in the grid will show values for all 512 channels in real time. the "fader" the page also has a universe select and a "play" button to start it working KEN
  2. try sacnview.sourceforge.net/ this software can view all of the E.1.31 channels and has a fader page to send levels KEN
  3. I have a kinda unique setup. I have about 3 of 9 songs that use video. I did not want my screen blank during a music selection without video or remake musical selection with video. So I integrated power point into the mix. I have a 4 head video card on my main LOR machine. I use a second computer to run Power point and have a serial controlled VGA video switch to decide what goes to the screen. Using the LOR windows command and a batch file to control the video switcher, RDS, projector and betabright sign. It is all pretty slick. I change power point slides using a DC card and contact
  4. MCM electronics is another mail order option They have some pretty cool stuff they are located in Ohio I purchased a bunch to put in my spare parts kit Ken
  5. Good news on the sACN add to LOR!! This will simplifiy a few things for me. My real job is based around pro sound and lighting systems. I intend to inter-twine LOR and current production hardware from ETC in the next few days/week. This will involve an ETC ION light console, ETC Paradigm control system and DMX nodes from ETC. I also have a J1sys 4 port DMX node and Sandevices Pixel nodes to play with. Also plan to try to inter-twine with Madrix!! I will publish the settings of LOR sACN to talk to a current production version of a ETC install. KEN TPC Technologies Inc and ETC Field servic
  6. I went a different route I purchased a commercial stereo FM modulator (transmitter) that was designed to put a FM channel on a cable system. new they are about $200 ish on Ebay sometimes for about #100. These are rock solid commercial 1u rack mount unit and very easy to add RDS. I use a J-pole antenna I made with copper pipe. KEN Lights on Bell Road
  7. A vendor for my day job ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) has created a new Pixel mapping software and it is free. It will drive sACN and or a video projector. Multi-universe and it's effects can be triggered from a sACN input. So it can do cool Pixel based effects and trigged via LOR with sACN when it comes out of with the Sandevice LOR to sACN interface. http://www.etcconnect.com/community/wikis/products/pixeltoy.aspx KEN FEATURES Streaming ACN output Video output Put pixelToy in media server mode and control up to 4 layers from your lighting console Simple, intuitive interface Touc
  8. Dan, I would like to be E1.31 beta tester. We are a LOR partner I also have may sANC devices including current production hardware from ETC including nodes, dimmers, procressors, and light console. I would be really cool to integrate LOR to do light syncing on the same sACN network with a ETC ION console for production!! I am ready to sell this!! Also think about triggering a LOR sequence from a DMX input similar to the way the Madrix works. This would very much simplifiy integration of pro shows KEN President TPC Technologies Inc. and ETC Field service tech.
  9. I purchased a multi port serial card and installed it in my show computer for my RDS encoder and Beta Bright sign KEN
  10. More testing.... Updated LOR to 3.1.4 no changes problem still exists. Tried using a LOR USB to RS485 as a raw DMX device. DMX address at 481 etc is fine!! now to try a the USB - RS485 converter into iDMX instead of the serial RS-485 adapter KEN
  11. Ok, So I had more time to troubleshoot this. Tried another iDMX same issues. Wrote a new animation seq with 2 channels one on E1-479 one on E1-481 the channel in 479 works the channel in 481 comes on once and stays on or flickers...... Test setup: iDMX with lastest firmware and LOR 3.0.2 advanced on 32 bit W7 machine my show machine where the issue showed up is a XP box. KEN
  12. JonB256 wrote: I thought about that and have changed the wiring around which brought me back to seeing the issue with 4ft cable right out of the iDMX. I am going to try another iDMX box tonight. It may just be a bad interface! Thanks KEN
  13. Dennis Cherry wrote: I did not change from the default. I will check to see if that is option with the iDMX. The LOR loop before the iDMX is pretty short like 20ft. I am going to try a different iDMX box tonight!! KEN
  14. Thanks! I actually see the irractic data comimg right out of the iDMX before it gets to my distribution. After I reboot the iDMX it is stable for a few minutes then the flicker come back. As far as DMX distribution I come out of the iDMX and hit a 4 port Pathway opto splitter before all of the lines head out to the yard! It is just the right way to do it as you said! KEN
  15. I am using almost a full universe this year with a iDMX. I have several posts on my porch each with 4 colors. I was getting some strange blinking, flashing and irratic control on the last 2 posts. These start at address 481. It looked like a DMX data issue. I use DMX professionally all of the time (I am a field service tech for ETC lighting) I checked out all of my dimmers etc with my Gizmo and all works well until it is controlled by the iDMX. If I monitor the output of the iDMx with the Gizmo I see the same irratic data around address 481 and I have a dimmer that sometimes does not fir
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