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  1. I believe the term is indexing device or method.
  2. Old Sarge, you noticed that he said that he is dusting it off. George I assume you have not used it in your show for the past year or more?
  3. No! He said that he was "Stalking". I knew we had some strange birds on here. LOL
  4. Yes it does! fixing one of my props right now. Should be good to go tomorrow.
  5. Here is some info to go along with what Jim was telling you about. Check out http://www.amateurradiosupplies.com/ Check out Egg insulators and Dracon Antenna Rope. Actually on left side under Antenna Rope. And per what Jim was saying, do not use the dogbone type cause if it breaks, the wire will not be contained and that will cause more problems. I do disagree with Jim about concrete conducting. There is always enough moisture in concrete in an outdoor installation to conduct small amounts of current. Enough to cause a GFI to trip. I agree that there is enough induced current from the lights to the steel wires and center pipe to cause the GFI to trip.
  6. I really dont think you can do this without adding more channels. But I could be wrong. My tree is 17' tall. Last year I had 12 100 ct strings from CDI. Times 3, 12 strings Red, 12 strings Green, and 12 strings White. With 3 controllers mounted on the pipe. That leaves 12 channels left over for things like 3 channels for a 3D start. 3 more for strobes. I like to stagger the starting of the strobes to help with randomizing. I have a 3', 4', & 6' spiral tree. Snoopy and nativity one two more channels. So I am down to one spare channel. And frankly I would love to add a 4th controller for Blue. Ok I have now upgraded to 24 strings per color. With just one 100 ct string I was going up and back down about 15" apart on the 10' dia ring at the base. Now I have an upside down "W" the three points are about 7.5" apart. Much fuller looking now. But also it catches the wind much more too. The more strands, the better you should anchor the guy wires. IMHO 16' tall is to short, 17' just barely makes it. And if I was to do it over, I would go 18' tall. My ring is made up of 3 - 10' x 3/4" plastic PVC conduit. And I found that I needed to get 4 12' long screw anchors to keep the bottom ring where it is supposed to be. I know, more than you want to invest at this time. But all of the short cuts I have heard leave me wanting to see these trees in operation. I just cant imagine how they look.
  7. Dito what ^^^ he said. Hit the old nail on the head. I to would like to hear what brand and model you have.
  8. Lights washed away Or Lights under water Think St. Louis, MO
  9. <Curly voice> A wise guy hey! whoop, whoop, whoop </Curly voice>
  10. Simple tent stakes and those large red ones at Home Depot will not hold my mega tree base ring. Ended up buying some 12" long screw in anchors (4) to keep the ring pulled down tight. Also those little wire anchors dont do carp for holding other elements down. Between the wind and rain, my anchors just pop right out of the ground. Figure out what anchor you think is big enough to do the job. Then get one that is twice as big. Consider the use of screw anchors. I bought 4 that are about 20" long with about 3" screw for the mega tree that stands 17' tall. Even with all of the wind and rain, it has not fallen over (yet). Hope I didnt just jinx myself.
  11. This is what happens when you do not do some reading and research. Electricity is not something that one should go into (projects) without educating yourself. One of the reasons we see electrical house fires. How many of you have heard of some fool running out of fuses (back when we had fuse boxes) and putting in a penny then screwing down the old blown fuse. I was just a kid and my grandma's boy friend just that. a few minutes later smoke came out of the outlets. thankfully pulling the main fuses stopped the smoke and her house did not catch on fire. And just because we have breakers does not stop fools from putting small gauge wires on an outlet with no small fuses to protect. Know before you go! know what your doing before you go and mess with something electrical. From post like this and others. Dont fool yourselfs, you dont know what your doing. Read and ask before doing. Disclaimer, there are many here that do know what your doing. I am only talking to those who really dont.
  12. Well jstomasi, I see you live here in the good old USA. So I would assume that your using 110V, so 120V rated fuses should do just tine. Unless your crazy and ran 220V to the controller and have 220V lights or step down transformers. Then you would need 220V rated fuses.
  13. Dang, I remember a few years ago I used to be real picky about this Ethernet stuff and I got a lot of crap about me being picky. I see that this issue has gotten a lot of people in trouble with their hardware in the past year or so. Looks like a lot of the new people have done a real good job education. Thanks for people like you Jim, maybe in time we can put this Ethernet stuff at rest. Keep up the good work Jim
  14. Ummm if his com light is steady and he can scan for and find his controller via H.U. would you think that there is a problem with his Cat5 cable? Really? Only question I have is when you did the scan and HU found your controller. WAS it the correct address? Was it set to be number 2 and now it is number 1? Only other suggestion is to do a controller reset.
  15. Sorry I'm late Hope all had a good Thanksgiving day. And for those who are lit up. Hope your show went off without a hitch.
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