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  1. Thanks for all the feedback from everyone. I'm not sure what I did and I hope I don't do it again. I think it happened when I updated my preview. Somehow most of my RGB props and groups were erased from my current preview and then when I opened up a sequence using an older preview all of my groups and RGB props were duplicated. I ended up deleting my LORPreviews file and letting the software build a new one from the loredit file. I had to manually delete all the duplicates and then I copied and pasted effects from archived channels from the sequence that lost its preview into a new sequen
  2. Hi All, Has anyone experienced any issues with Groups? I recently upgraded to 5.5.x and have experienced all sorts of problems that have forced me back to 5.4.2. I use a lot of groups in my preview and noticed v5.5.x did not recognize them. I also noticed the name now contains "(Group)" in the title. I don't remember seeing that before. Also, after making some recent changes to my preview, I noticed many of my props were duplicated (the same name but with an added "(2)" in the title). Worst of all, my most recent preview was basically wiped out. Not sure if it was related to this i
  3. I have always had a Pirates of the Caribbean sequence in my display. In fact, I've created several versions throughout the years. Soon to be another one using Hans Zimmer's Live in Prague Pirates of the Caribbean Medley. It is a long medley so I'm only sequencing the last approximately four minutes of the song. I'm planning on adding two new matrices to my display this year and this is my first attempt at sequencing them.
  4. Here are a few of my new sequences for 2019. Enjoy!!
  5. Hello, I ran into a case where the preview window of the Motion Effect Generator does not match the preview window when I play the sequence back. In my specific example, the simple shape in the preview window of the Motion Effect Generator is shown rotated, but when I play the sequence and view it in the preview window it is not rotated. Can I assume the preview window that displays when I play the sequence back is correct? I'm currently only working on programming right now and I am not connected to any hardware to verify. Thanks for any feedback in advance.
  6. I agree. I have the same work flow and always import a grid configuration after I assign a preview to a new sequence.
  7. I thought I redrew most of my props. I can't remember if I imported anything from S4. I may have to live with it since I have way too much time invested in my 2019 preview and don't feel like re-doing it. I'll keep my eye on it and if it becomes an issue, I may try redrawing parts of my preview. Thanks for the info, Jade
  8. HI All, I've noticed some flickering lights in my Preview Window when I play a sequence. I think it may be a result of overlapping props in my preview design. Has anyone else experienced this? I can't test against hardware right now, so I don't know if the lights are actually flickering. I hope they would not actually be flickering. Note: I tried to upload my sequence but got a message stating "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance." Thanks, Jade
  9. Hi All, I noticed when I re-imported a grid configuration into a sequence, a duplicate motion row (same name but contains no data/effects) is created. It appears the duplicate motion row is added if there is an effect in the original motion row. In the screen shot below, a duplicate "Flake_02:Effects 01" motion row was added after I re-imported the grid configuration. Even though both rows have the same name, they are not associated with one another. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to upgrade my grid configuration by re-importing an updated configuration. - Jade
  10. Thanks Jim! I didn't think about stretching the time in Sequencer. That worked and captured the entire effect. Can you think of any drawbacks to selecting an entire row for a prop when I add a SuperStar effect in a musical sequence? Seems like that would allow me to add SuperStar effects anywhere in the song. - Jade
  11. Hello, After a SuperStar effect is added to a cell in the S5 Sequencer, is there a way to go back and increase the number of cells that the effect applies to? I would like to add additional effects and/or include the entire effect (attached image shows the tail of the morph being left out). Thanks, Jade
  12. Thanks for the feedback Jim and Brian. Going forward, I'm going to keep my sequences located in their own unique folder/directory so the avi files are grouped with the parent LOREDIT file. When I create a sequence I make a lot of edits, save often and create multiple file revisions. I've just started my first sequence for 2019 and have already accumulated over 18 separate avi files. I can see where it would become unmanageable for me if the avi files for all my sequences were dumped into a single folder/directory since the avi filenames only contain a date/timestamp and do not identify
  13. Hi All, I noticed SuperStar has created Video Clip files in my S5 Sequence folder (sample file attached). They are associated with SuperStar effects that I have inserted into the sequence grid. Do I need to keep these files organized with my LOREDIT File or can they be deleted without causing any issues? Thanks, Jade SS_20190109205022_daaf4bb2b00b4854a7ac8c30da81fa16.avi
  14. HI All, When I create a new grid view in S5, the new view is automatically placed at the bottom of the pull down list. Is there any way to change to order of grid views in the pull down menu? Thanks, Jade
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