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  1. Ozemate it can be done and is as easily as working out what voltage they require in DC, when plugged into AC it drops the voltage and then from the MFC it is fed DC voltage, for example Big W strings will run on around 32VDC some tests have been done over at Auschristmas lighting
  2. Robbo

    LOR in Australia

    Welcome to the world of Animated light Shows :-) I'm in melbourne and also a member of ACL
  3. Robbo


    really looking forward to E1.31 now I am working in DMX mode with 253 Channels which will expand rapidly over the next couple of years with the introduction of pixels to my display
  4. forgot to mention that the boards I was using were CTB-16DV5 the blue boards, I have solved my problem, my firmware was V4.01 and I updated it to V4.30 and all is working fine, however on the product page in the store the firmware version they got listed on the page is V1.02 why can't LOR keep their pages up to date...took me forever to find the Firmware page at www.lightorama.com/Firmware.html having this page readily available would have solved a headache ;-)
  5. o.k I have a problem, using the USB485 standard lor connection I have commlistener running and it finds and opens the adapter on the default port of 8837 I have set my controllers in network settings to dmx universe 1 and chose the adapter from the drop down menu, have reconfigured my controllers and channels in sequence editor to be universe 1 and starting at address 1.....but I cannot get the lights to work...what am I missing?
  6. yes fairy lights as they are more commonly referred too here, great work there Grant, love the narration very informative and to the point, and the workmanship is just of the highest standards, with the grommets and everything you've used in your boxes really looks tidy and SAFE, and we all know how paramount safety is....lights are no good if your dead.
  7. wow interesting to hear of this and other issues in this thread...... none of it applies here in Australia except for maybe rain, but no cold temperatures, instead the opposite, the quicker we get our lights down the better before they melt in the soaring temperatures, expecting 41 degrees celcius this coming Monday which equates to 105.8F 34 Tomorrow which equates to 100.4F not nice being yp on the iron roof in those temperatures. Which I guess is the reason a lot of us here may use fm transmitters but we often get people walking by in t-shirt and shorts walking through the streets seeking
  8. price wise they are a cheap arch, considering it's $249 for 2 arches the way Steve has set them up, compared to buying pvc pipe, and 8 sets of 1 colour just for 1 colour arch in 8 segments add another 8 sets for 2nd colour and it gets pricey not to mention all the channels they use up on a LOR board 16 channels for just 1 of a 2 colour 8 segment arch, the ribbons however provide infinite colours and come with their own control box no channels lost on the LOR board I'm going to order 4 for my arches, before i saw these ribbons i was only going to do 2 arches with 1 colour for the same price,
  9. I have just today received my LOR boards, this will be my first season and have so far planned for 32 channels but will spread them over the 3 boards, have been using the demo since early december and am very comfortable with it and have already completed my first sequence. I first thought 16 channels was a good start number wise but like someone has already mentioned i took another perspective and asked myself where do i want the lights and what do i want them to do.....i soon found out i needed 32 channels.....now having purchased 3 boards i have a few spare i can add in, and with 10 months
  10. I'm not sure if the site i mentioned will be of help to you Kim, as I also mentioned Australia is and can be very different to the USA, for starters we run off 240V hence the reason why we use step down transformers to produce 12 or 24 voltage to low voltage lights. No matter what I would say you will have to take the controller apart and do a bit of soldering, but being no expert I cant guarantee that either. Details of the lights and possible pictures may help
  11. kim do a search of the site and you may find the answers you speak, I aint no electrician but did ask this question in an aussie forum as we have differences to the USA and i was helped after supplying pics of the pcb inside the controller and was a simple case of soldering 2 points together so that it bypasses the control part of the controller and the lights are now steady on. Some of my lights have a memory and it remembers the last setting, the other thing is that a lot of our lights in Australia run off step down transformers, so they really only run on 12-24vac. Happy lighting
  12. okay kewl thanks for that. I have been told that because i have done 32 channel sequences i might want to think again as it would be a nightmare heaven forbid i blow a channel, at least if you have spares you can remap a channel if you manage to blow one rather than risk not having a channel which could ruin your whole show, so it seems you have been lucky with your 32 however having the 4 spare now with your 60/64 may be a blessing if ya ever need to remap a channel. Once I was told this i changed my order to get 3 boards 48 channels now i have 16 spare LOL but will most likely use up 10 of
  13. mcorbo wrote: thats only 32 channels? i'm confused and must be missing something here, I assume each window and tree are seperate channels, I count 13 windows 4 top level 3 middle and 6 bottom and 6 trees a channel each and then theres the arches above the bottom level windows, i assume the arches are 1 channel for both arches in one colour i count all the above as 24 channels....wouldn't this double for the 2nd colour being red? I am yet to do my first display having just ordered 3 boards and starter pack and have sequenced for 32 chanel show but looks nowhere as good as yours......
  14. yer sponsored by messages on hold only because he owns it.... just doesn't go with the christmas spirit of things if this is the case, the whole doing it yourself is part of what it's all about.....not paying someone just because you can.
  15. Jeff 1S.A.H.D. wrote: The person who did this show according to the news and an employee at christmas kingdom informs me that the only thing he did was pick up a phone and pay the money, but had other people do all the work, his wife used to do the displays on the house and he decided to go one step further.....
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