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  1. I'm having a real tough time right now finding either some incandescent or LED lights that are just static and NOT multi-function that are suitable for outdoor use in the UK. For the life of me I've looked almost everywhere that's available in my area and all I get is multi-function, or if not static lights that are suitable for indoor use only. Are there any fellow UK light enthusiasts out there that could tell me where to find these types of lights (for a relatively cheap price)? The reason I am looking for these type of lights specifically is because multi-function lights are such a pain when it comes to LOR, with them doing their own thing every 5 seconds. :? Many thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know a little bit about my whereabouts and what I have, I live in the UK, I have a standard LOR160xW ShowTime Controller ad many lights that I've purchased right here in the UK. An issue I find is controlling christmas lights that have their own functions (also known as multi-function/multi-action lights) - the majority of these are LEDs and mini lights. What I would like to know is how can I make these lights static/steady on? I have been told that opening the function box and taking out the fuse does the trick, but I can't find any way to open the box? So basically, what's the solution to making multi-function lights permanently static? Reason I ask is because whilst they are hooked up to LOR, they follow the sequencing but at the same time they are still doing their independent built-in functions, which ruins most of the effects. Sorry for the long post guys. -Trey
  3. I have been aiming to do this project fpor a very long time now and still haven't got around to doing it. I'm aimning to create one of those talking pumpkin faces that some LOR users have built, but I have a question: Do you reckon the face would look good with regular incadescent lights rather than rope lighting? I'm not very good with electricals (I'm only 15) so could someone also try and explain how you go through the process of cutting the right length of rope light for your face. I live in the UK by the way, so most possibilities are limited where I am. Thanks, -Trey
  4. Just found out that version 1.6.3 doesn't have the verifier Also I've checked everything you told me and there are no other show files, no sequences under any other tabs apart from the Musical Tab, and the songs are playing in order. And the problem still occurs...
  5. Where can I find the verifier? Everyone speaks about it and I feel like the only one who doesn't know where it is. I only have the first version of the LOR software by the way. Also the sequences will play when I manually go to the Sequence Editor and play them from there - no problem finding the audio file there...
  6. My scheduled show starts as planned but only plays the first song, then stops after that and doesn't play the next sequence. The LOR Status says: "ENABLED" "Playing Christmas 2010 Show" But nothing is playing after that first sequence. What is wrong and how do I solve this? -Trey
  7. I have a show scheduled for 5:30pm every night and when it starts it starts with the wrong sequence which isn't even at the beginning of the show. No matter how I adjust my show settings it just keeps playing that sequence once then nothing else happens after that. Please help me out here! -Trey
  8. Sorry Guys, terrible mistake. The extension I was plugging my power cords into wasn't a really good one and the connection was slightly loose. I live in the UK by the way, so I use ALOT of adaptors to plug stuff in - my mistake.
  9. I have 5 sets of lights that I am using as sections on a leaping arch. Earlier today I tested the lights as they were with the sequences and they worked perfectly - now I've wrapped my lights around my arch (taking me 4 hours) and now when I control the lights from the Harware Utility, 3 of the lights turn on, but 2 don't. They will work by themselves (without the controller) from the mains, no problem, but when I hook it back up to the controller, they do not respond. All the lights are the same! I've also checked for loose connections and have found none. What is wrong and how do I fix this? Many Thanks, -Trey
  10. Thanks Chuck - I didn't realise you could get the latest firmware off the LOR website - how stupid of me haha! I'll let you know if updating the firmware to 4.30 works for me. If not then I guess it comes down to blown or faulty triacs.
  11. Chuck, I bought my 16 channel showtime controller off of an Ebay seller in the UK, so I don't think I am or the previous owner is a registered LOR owner, because the firmware is never updated, everytime I get to Stage 2, it only offers me CTB16DV_Blue_v40.1 and nothing higher... RonSusie, I have so many thoughts what may be causing this issue, I am just hoping it is not faulty channels (LOR is rare to get in the UK). I have come to a thought that either the Cat5 Cable is faulty or producing too much noise which is interferring with the channel outlets, or it is a faulty channel. Anybody can help me this question - do you reckon if I get a new Cat5Cable (not particularily the ones from LOR) do you think the problem might go away?
  12. I just watched the lights run through a few of my sequences and the problem seems to happen when the itensity levels differ from 100% and 0% (Example: Fading continously from 100% down to 50% and up again causes the problem). Does this tell you anything?
  13. That may be true, however, I have 5 of the same set wrapped around a pole (like a leaping arch but straight) and it appears to be 2 sets in particular that do this, the others are fine. If it was true, I'd say that the working sets have enough current to turn themselves off, but the other 2 non-working sets don;'t have enough current - but how is this possible if each set is and works exactly the same?
  14. I am not too sure, they look like LEDs but it does not state that they are in the packaging. They are these ones: Attached files
  15. At the moment, I'm testing my light pole which uses up 5 channels on my LOR160xW controller. At times, when turned on, during a sequence, or when no action is going on, 2 particular channels stay on. I have done much research and have looked for updates for my firmware (but there isn't any available apart from 4.01. This does tend to work for one run through of a sequence, but then it just happens again. I've also tried resetting my controller which didn't work either. What should I do? (PS - I bought my controller off of Ebay and live in the UK. The seller said there was nothing wrong with it. I have no possible way of sending Light-O-Rama my controller to be fixed.)
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