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  1. Right click on your last channel, choose Insert channel below. Click on the new channel that was just created In the device type dropdown change to Sequence. Point to a sequence. Lets say the sequence you choose was an animated sequence that for 1 second chased your mini trees from left to right.... You could in the parent sequence run this animated sequence for any time period. Example: you want the mini trees to go from left to right 5 times in 5 seconds. you would turn the the new channel for the 5 seconds you want... Your 1 second animation would run for 5 seconds. And if you only wan
  2. I have about 6,000 channels ruining on a quad 4 With 12 gigs of ram. I too noticed a bad delay. I decided to break the big channel props out of the main sequence. Then i put in channels in the main sequence that call the animation sequence as needed. Now my pixel tree sequences are only 20 seconds long but run at whatever time i turn on to run in the main sequence.... no delay
  3. Yeah Jeff, I saw the news of all those trees through all those houses... And did you see that radio tower, I have never seen one of them come down before.
  4. I have used cat 5 cable with and without doubling (recommend doubling). I have used thermostat wire 18/4. I have used wiring from old light strings. But the best I have used is Ray's RGB cable; which is 18/4
  5. A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet LightoramaDan and family during a NJ mini. Dan showed us a beta version of S2 before it was released. In his presentation, the visualizer had these arches that when they came to the top they lit a tree up... This year, I gave away my old arches and made these new ones. The tree is made from coro, the arch is typical grey pvc pipe. I used 5v led lights from Ray. There is a total of 24 channels per arch, 16 on the arch and 8 on the tree.
  6. I question strips. I am just about done outlining my entire house with RGB bulbs, the ones people are calling dumb pixels. They are .34 cents each. I used Siding J-channel to install them to the house. The problem with strips are if one bulb burns out in the strip you replace the strip. The strips are 16 feet long, although cutting them is easy, soldering new connectors to them is not. The bulbs/pixels on the other hand are simple to use, cut, lenghen, etc... With this said WHATEVER you decide will LOOK GREAT. You have an excellent roof line - very nice house!
  7. What kind of projector(s) are you using? Cheap ones or nice entertainment ones? And if this is your just messing around quality, you final product quality must be phenomenal.
  8. Video's look good, Nice job!
  9. ? What do you mean by crossover cable ??? First, you do not need to go DMX to use a RGB strip, you can use a LOR DC board. And that board can control up to 5 strips. so $99 to run 5 RGB devices or $130 to run 170 RGB devices. (170 is 512/3) Second, LOR software does not recognize anything. You tell it what you have. So if you hook up an entec, you tell the sequence editor what channels of your DMX network do what. You can tell it you have all 512 or you can tell it you have 3 channels. It is up to you. iDmx does not offer you 512 channels, it is either 128 or 256. So the enttec is the bette
  10. I have done a LOT of research on broadcast sound. You are correct about the transmitter, the sound quality is even better than an EDM connected to a computer. But that transmitter is overkill for 30 days of broadcasting. AND add in the fact that most people watching your show are families that are impressed with the entire show and not worried about the quality of sound since the freaking lights are dancing to the music. In my research I found that the best thing to do is use a compressor limiter between your PC and your EDM. I did research on that too; I use a Behringer Composer MDX 2100. T
  11. I have been using RGB strips and spots for years with the LOR DC board - works great. Last year when I introduced RGB dumb pixels to my setup, I started using DMX. BOTH LOR hardware and software has everything you need to use strips, floods and dumb pixels. If you are going to have a LOT of channels and looking for a cheaper alternative, the Ray Wu 27 channel board is perfect for everything RGB. Don't get RGB mixed up with smart pixels. CCR and CCB's are examples of smart pixels where you control every bulb instead of a group or lights.
  12. What do you mean by chokes the the usb line? There were a few people last year that were getting a buffer out of memory error. I ran my show without a single reboot last year using S3. And are you 100% sure your computer is not setting the usb port to sleep?
  13. Ah the old need the correct version trick....
  14. Hi Daryl - welcome to our addiction! If you are planning on using the LED's the fade from Red to green; realize you will have unpredictable results. If I am not mistaken, the chip the changes the color stores residual voltage. When you do things like Fade down or fade up, your other color may (green) may or may not turn on or turn off... You will have to play (test) those strings so you know what they will do. Good Luck Man! - keep posting your progress.
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