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  1. Testing my ELL's after hitting refresh the hardware utility says "0 units found" Led lights are solid red, lights will work with the sequence editor, test console and with the hardware utility selecting all circuits. Any thoughts on what I'm missing to recognize my controllers? Win10, LOR ver.4.4.10
  2. Anyone else having problems installing the latest upgrade 4.3.28? Tried to upgrade got all kinds of error messages. Uninstalled program, redownloaded file, reinstalled and still received error messages. Rolled back to previous ver. 4.3.26 and everything seems fine. May just be me but it's strange a previous version works fine.
  3. George Simmons wrote: Love that line! Got to remember that one!!:):):)
  4. Brian, If you haven't already, try upgrading to the newest version 2.6.0, there was a glitch in the last release that kept the Hardware from recognizing the controllers and being able to test the lights.
  5. Glad to hear that Dan! I thought I was having an ELL go south on me. I did figure out the work around using the "Get Configuration" button while working with the units.
  6. bisquit476 wrote: I have used the Light Keeper Pro for 2 years and it has saved me many hours of checking each bulb individually. 1/2 string of a 100 going out is pretty common with the amount of light strings most people have. I think it is well worth the money, but as mentioned be sure to unplug the light string from your controller!
  7. We have tickets for the Nov. 23rd. show in Greenville S.C. this will be our 3rd. time. Absolutely the best show for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Got my 3 CTB16 PC Kits @ 1:17P.M. There were only 80 kits left! :] Russell Hollifield
  9. fordsbyjay wrote: Jason, I had the same problem. Not really sure what causes it. E-mail Dan at support@lightorama.com and he will give you a fix to correct it. Trailrider:)
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