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  1. You need to make sure on the 27 channel controller. This only works if the module switches the ground.
  2. I used a converted PC power supply. +12V is yellow wires, +5V is red wires, Ground is black wires. attached is a picture. connect 12V to the module, connect 5V to the string the ground is made through the module, that switches the ground legs. the white or yellow wire on the output side of the module just passes the +12V through. I cut it off and tape it up.
  3. I used controllers similar to those with 5V dumb RGB strings using an old PC power supply. I ran the 12V and ground tothe controller, and connected the 5V to the string (and taped off the 12V output from the controller) since they use the same ground, and the controllers switch the ground ( - ) side this worked great.
  4. i3 2125 8GB RAM Win7 64bit 1150 Pixels (E1.31) 30 RGB DMX devices 96 DIO channels 96 LOR Channels 2 CCR No lag, delay or problems.
  5. Gene Autry's "Santa' Coming in a Whirly Bird" is probably my most popular song, its been a hit with the kids for 7 straight years. They will get out of their cars and dance and sing "whirlybird" then wait while the adults enjoy the TSO, MAnnheim and other songs only to leap for joy again when "Whirly Bird" comes on.
  6. I never tried dropbox, but figured I would try it , so I signed up with your link. enjoy the extra space!
  7. Is there an RSS feed for latest posts? If not, that woudl be nice to have!
  8. Thanks Sean, I'll be testing some in the morning!
  9. If I have a vote, the old vBulletin style is a lot easier to read. and PLEASE no new areas. I'd rather have many posts in one forum than have to scan across the known universe like at PC.
  10. Will there be any easy to read themes available?
  11. Reply here if you are amongst those that didn't realize Planet Christmas was still there.
  12. Arnoldc wrote: OOH. Will that make the other guys jealous????? nope..more like "relieved"!! Ouch! I guess the honeymoon is over! and all over 30 bucks jeez:cool: no no no you are all wrong.. You see you forgot the biggest one, TAXES.... So out of that $30, government gets $26.. room is still 25, then bell boy, well he gets that $2, but since you employed him, you got to pay all the taxes needed for that.. SO you're in the hole! You're surprised it was only $30? Heck I'm surprised it was that high! My luck it would of been $.01, and a lollipop! It be even worse if the bellboy was an illeg
  13. LORi P wrote: I am with pixel digger on this one. OOH. Will that make the other guys jealous?????
  14. Theres another way to look at it too, if you just HAVE to justify $30 25 for the room, 2 to the bellboy, and 3 to the men (1 back to each man) = 30 total
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