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  1. hi all just re loaded lor software all is fine running like it should do thanks for the replies peter
  2. hi doesnt matter whether in daily or weekly schedule the same message comes up yes there is a error message that comes on screen saying unable to save schedule without anything else I am thinking about reloading s4 ?? last years show was in s3 thanks
  3. hi cant save my show file in lor shedule can add it to schedule but cant save any ideas thanks in advance peter
  4. hi jim thanks for that my brain is just about fried!!!!! now i find v 4.3 coming back with winsock error 3 /10053 so back to v 5 i go!!!! so that means some of the time not getting signal to dmx controllers.but the dongle show green light flashing all the time??? i have checked rj45 plugs and cable and no problem there ?? go back to square one and TRY and get one dmx unit to work by it self using only dmx controller antidongle using only dmx in network prferences my whole computer needs a good clean out !!! thanks for your help peter At least
  5. hi mucked about all day yesterday and no further ahead in getting lights working!!! thanks for the replies what i have done so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 / updates drivers for both dongles ( lor 485b and antidongle for all dmx units ) 2 / not into pixies as all my lights are animations so decided to go back to 4.3 and there is no problem with( error message gone) 3 / now lights on dmx unit the green flashing light ( means receiving signal ) doesnt aways fire up when power is turn on for dmx units ( i have reset all dmx units ) 4 / Also
  6. hi updated drivers said no need to update as file was up todate ?? still same meggage see below 10:45:32 AM: Connected to DMX Listener 11:06:15 AM: DMX listener error 3: Comm Winsock Error / 10053: Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure 11:06:17 AM: Connected to DMX Listener 11:13:45 AM: DMX listener error 3: Comm Winsock Error / 10053: Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure 11:13:46 AM: Connected to DMX Listener GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRR when reset controller (each one ) they work but when i daisy chain them there is no green light on (w
  7. I am using 3.12 software and gettting error on listener as shown below dmx listener error 3 :windsock error /10053, connection is aborted due to time out or other failure ?? had the same error reading december last year but protocol in lor preferences is all ok // any help would be welcome ?? I see on some post they say firewall could be blocking signal I am using a antidongle on com 4 port for dmx and a usb4858 on port 3 for lor thanks peter
  8. Hi all found the problen forgot to turn off lights before exiting show on demand ??????????? regards peter clarke newzealand
  9. Hi not sure if this right place for 3.12 cant find 3 version forum problem is trying to run annimation when I go to start animation comes up with an error Cant start sequence cannot allocate memory for 8388607 play syn point ?? anyone no how to fix this erreor rthank in advance peter new zealand
  10. thinking about next year animations ! maybe silly question ??? can you get random channels to go on and off?? using lor software thanks in advance peter
  11. just found the problem with the above lor listener found I had not entered the proper protocol in dmx in preference tab peter
  12. had a acomputer crash earlier this year and though i had saved all files ! my problem is i use lor usb 485b connector for lor boards and use Holiday coro acti dongle for all my dmx units ( all seqences are run in animation ) cant get any dmx units to work ?? get an error message in lor listener post = DMX LISTENER ERROR 3 , COMM WINSOCK ERROR /10053 connection is aborted due to time out or other failure?? the holiday coro dongle has dmx signal light flashing ?/ ( pretty that means it is receiving data ?? ( IS THIS CORRECT ) any help would be great
  13. hi just kid started my laptop for the first time this year( only used to test as we put lights up ) when we activate sequence can see channel channels switch on and off but the time bar doesnt not move ?? any suggestion what could be the problem?? thanks peter clarke new zealand
  14. Hi just wondering if there is any difference between the white and black PCB on strip lights ? thanks in advance
  15. I have cmb24 board one channel light is on all the time ?? Am i right in thinking it is a bad triac ??? reset board no change ? thanks in advance
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