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  1. Is there a minimum firmware version for 500k speeds. My ccr's are set at v1.07 and are not working with the 500k usb-hs adapter. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, K6ccc! I was curious about how different version 4 was last year already. Different enough that I should be using it! I am using a Gaming Lap top to run the show, shouldn't be issues there.
  3. Last year on version 3 I was running 20 CCR's , 180 Dmx channels off an Idmx 1000 and then 64 standards LOR channels... all off 4 USB's and was starting to have issues such as glitches within the dmx items. This year I was thinking of adding a Holiday Coro DMX tree and I am wondering how people are running this many channels without the glitches or if I am missing something here. Thanks!
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