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  1. Is there a minimum firmware version for 500k speeds. My ccr's are set at v1.07 and are not working with the 500k usb-hs adapter. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, K6ccc! I was curious about how different version 4 was last year already. Different enough that I should be using it! I am using a Gaming Lap top to run the show, shouldn't be issues there.
  3. Last year on version 3 I was running 20 CCR's , 180 Dmx channels off an Idmx 1000 and then 64 standards LOR channels... all off 4 USB's and was starting to have issues such as glitches within the dmx items. This year I was thinking of adding a Holiday Coro DMX tree and I am wondering how people are running this many channels without the glitches or if I am missing something here. Thanks!
  4. I am currently running advanced 3.12.0 LOR software thus my 37 devices (111 channels) of dmx on my idmx in 57.6k mode. I seem to have seen somewhere that version 4 LOR can now run dmx at 500k... is this correct? Does it make a difference? Thanks!
  5. I am now 115 for regular channel (7 ccrs and a few lor boxes (old school 115k), 500 for 12 ccrs and 56k for idmx) - I had originally set 115/500/115 from SE but it was defaulting back to 56 on all 3 networks (as it turns out). I did some test changes and yup... always back to 56 WHEREAS once I did the change from the control panel the changes stayed. How from SE? - Edit - Preferences - Network Preferences.... But, as mentioned... that MAY be the most useless advice I have ever given out As per from elsewhere (CLD) - you want to activate the LOR Control Panel (gives you a red lightbulb at
  6. OMG! FACEPALM! First : Plasmadrive... I went into network editor to try only to find out ALL my networks were set to 115k! For some reason if I set my network from sequence editor it defaults all to 115 BUT I this time set from Network editor/panel and VOILA all works perfect now. Something so simple... Jerry... as this year is working I'm in no rush to change... but for my future endeavors your input was most helpful! Thanks, ALL! Merry Christmas!
  7. Hello There Having issues with a new sequence I have programmed and I THINK it may be because I'm driving my DMX to the limits. I'm running 12 CCRS off a 500k adapter on one network, 7 CCRs and 36 LOR boxes off another 500k network and a third network is 120 dmx channels with a iDMX1000 off a standard lor adapter (couldn't get a 500k to work). After much frustration of changing out stuff, splitting the 12ccrs to 2 networks of 6 et al it seems as though the issue is the dmx is too much for my computer (i7 loaded blah blah). From what I see the iDMX is NOT a true converter and that the co
  8. Hello All, similar issue and this topic seems to be the "cure" for my ills BUT I do have a few questions: I am running an idmx to 105 channels via the iso adapter... there is mention of a g3 and the use of a 500k? Whats the G3? In my case the issue may just be too many ccr's on one channel ... im running 7 on one and 12 on the other (all with 500k adapters) then 105 dmx's on a third... maybe splitting the 12 on one two 2@6 would be a smart idea?
  9. Ken, did you ever get it working? Schematic available if so? thanks!
  10. Has anyone tries the 2811 with the LOR CCR controller? OR is there a dmx controller that will give me the same effect?
  11. Im having the same issue - nothing seems to be fixing it... what is this triac thing we speak of?
  12. lor folder and files don't show at all... only when lor software is open do they show within lor ... makes it tough to copy a folder for backups
  13. To begin... yes \i refreshed my iconcache.db My files are being saved BUT when I go to the location of the actual file and/or folder (my "superstar" folder as example) it is not there. Open up LOR and the files and folders show. Weird. Anyone?
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