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  1. Haven't messed with CCRll much. So it worked like the none CCR sequences do. Thanks that worked great.
  2. I need to change the Network and Control #s to an existing sequence in SE. Do I have to change them individually (like 600 times) or is there a way to change one hole ribbon at a time?
  3. All is working now. Went with 2 networks. One for 5 controllers and one for Pixie 16 and one controller. Had to change 6 of the Channels So they are all on Aux A net work. Thanks for the help.
  4. Why Is the sup.lms sequence playing on the house and not the CCRll tree When in SE?
  5. Looking at network preference, says I only have one network. None under Aux. Still only 1/2 of the tree is displaying the sequence. The CCr1 controllers were split, 6 on one network and 6 on the aux network. Now that I have only one network it is only seeing 1/2 of the sequence. Humm In sure its something simple I am over looking.
  6. OK now lets see if I can remember how to change it. Thanks
  7. Last year the CCR 1s, I was using 2 networks. I had the 12 channels split. So now when I daisy chain Controller #5 to #6 the Pixie 16 there is no place to in the second network. Will I have to eliminate one? Only half of the CCR2 tree is working.
  8. I'm replacing my CCRl 12 channel tree(CTB16) with the CCRll only using 12 channels of the Pixie 16. I don't believe there are more then 100 on each ribbon. Just tried a test and it was ugly.
  9. Great! thanks Do you know What settings to put into the Pixie Config box?
  10. Thanks Mr P updated to 4.4.0 and it recognized the controller. Dibblerjr I tried to follow the sickie prior to updating. When I got to the part, selecting the Config button that was fine. When it said, push the ccr/pixie, it was not highlighted. Now that I updated it recognized the controller the ccr/pixie button is push able. Thank you both for the info and for helping so many of us. Im sure I will have more questions. I do have another question. I am currantley using 2 485Bs. One for the CTB16s and one for the CCR 1 I was using last year. Will I have to get one of the red USB485-HS? For the new Pixie 16 with CCR 2s After step 15, What is the model number of the new CCR lls? I believe they are 150 lights? I went to LOR web site and didn't find the info to put in the Pixie Config
  11. I changed the unit ID on my new controller no problem. When I hit the refresh button it says the correct unit ID but the device is unknown.
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