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  1. I used LOR from 2008 through 2015. I have since converted to all pixels in 2016 and 2017 (and on forward).
  2. Typically the big-box store stuff has removable LEDs. And being in Hawaii, we get lots of rain, at least where I'm at. I remember the second season of LOR, I removed every LED and put dielectric grease in them. The sun and rain washed it all away and I was still stuck with troubleshooting them daily. I would highly recommend commercial-grade stuff.
  3. Hello DevMike, Just to let you know, I am still in contact with Bitdefender in regards to this "false positive" virus issue with LOR. They say they will get back to me. If I have any updates, I will post them here. Stan
  4. Hello All, I tried the Exclusion feature of the BitDefender software and excluded the entire LightORama directory. The 4.2.10 still had the same error. I moved the .exe file (to install 4.2.10) into the LightORama directory and executed it there, and I still had the same problem. I uninstalled BitDefender, and I was able to install the executable (from my Downloads folder).
  5. I opened a support ticket with Bit Defender last night, and also provided them a link to the download page for 4.2.10. I hope Bit Defender can fix the problem, if not, I will have to uninstall their software and use Windows Defender as PhilMassey suggests.
  6. Hi DevMike, I believe my problem is attributed to BitDefender recently flagging the two files as viruses. I opened a support ticket with LOR, and I also opened a support ticket with BitDefender as well.
  7. How do you make an exception in BitDefender for the LOR files?
  8. This seems related to why LOR no longer runs on my PC. I am running BitDefender and tried to install 4.2.10 and it fails to install the program. It hits a snag at the servodogutility.exe and the VBaccelerator.txt. Anyone have a work around for this?
  9. I get two error messages when installing LOR. Can anyone help?
  10. Shimmer is an LOR command, that is not interpreted through DMX. So yes, if you convert your network from LOR to DMX, you will not have shimmer anymore. I tried it and went back to LOR just because of this (I use shimmer enough to go back).
  11. I too hope for an update from LOR. Like Aaron, my savior was a faster computer to run the show.
  12. Opened a trouble ticket back in late November with no luck. Person from LOR said to use Google to find my answer. For the majority of December, my two adapters used Com 5 and Com 6. I shut the computer off after each show. Com port 5 all of a sudden became Com port 7 (towards the end of December). My computer likes to play "musical" com ports!!!! I can't find anything on Google.
  13. So you are "copying" the Nutcracker effects from xLights into LOR (clipboard or an LMS file)?
  14. Hello, If I am running two separate LOR networks, can I have LOR Unit ID 1-5 on one network, and have another set of LOR Unit ID 1-5 on the second network?
  15. How do you take the CCR out of it's silicone sleeve to do repairs?
  16. The worst part of bad pixels is that LOR makes you buy the entire replacement strip! In the LOR CCR instructions, it states: "LOR does stock ribbon sections that can be purchased should you damage your ribbon when cutting it or by accidentally standing on it, etc." If LOR does not sell these sections, then why put it in the instructions manual???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I am not plugging in/removing any USB hardware upon bootup, or shutdown, etc. And Bob, I will try higher numbers than Com 1-4. Another question, why is the com port defaulted to 9,600bps? I thought LOR likes 57.6kbps? thank you all, Stan
  18. Hello, I have a brand new HP desktop running Win 8.1 Pro and have two LOR USB-485 adapters (with Voltage Booster) connected to two USB ports. I am running two LOR networks. I do not unplug these LOR adapters from my computer. Often, they change com ports whenever I restart or turn on my computer. Sometimes they'll be Com 3 and Com 4, sometimes they'll be Com 1 and Com 2. I tried going into Device Manager and forcing the adapters to be Com 1 and Com 2, but somehow, they changed back to Com 4 and Com 3. Please help. I attached some screenshots of my Com port settings. Stan
  19. I measured my DC power supply that powers 1200 pixels (off of one E682). They draw about 60W just sitting there with no lights on. I leave my pixels off until 15 minutes before the show. I then turn them off after the show is over. We pay enough electricity as it is here (44 cents/kwhr).
  20. To enable the use of compressed sequences, right mouse click on the LOR icon in your system tray, then select the "Use Compressed Sequences".
  21. Are you using compressed sequences? Did you install the 4GB patch?
  22. The problem is, there is a limit to how many LOR channels can be run off of xLights. To solve this problem, you need to run the LOR equipment via DMX. I'm sure it can be done with a USB to DMX dongle, but I was told to use an E1.31 DMX bridge.
  23. I have one broken pixel on my CCR strip and it's not under warranty. LOR advised me to purchase a new strip. I think that's a stupid idea, as only one pixel is broken. I am wondering if any of you have a broken CCR strip that you are willing to sell (or to sell me a pixel)?
  24. I asked LOR support on a similar token, in regards to what happens if the sequence files are too large. They told me to enable compression and to load the sequences before the show starts. I know the compressed sequences are almost half the size of the regular sequences. LOR should make it default in that the program should only utilize compressed sequences. I don't see a benefit to "not" using compressed sequences. Is there?
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