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  1. Paydirt!!! I can finally run "sequences" from a S5 sd card in a G3MP3 Director. If you want to know how - let me know. Of course I'm going to charge you lots of C notes for the solution !!! So tomorrow I will open a ticket with LOR such that maybe Mike or Matt or who ever will fix the problem before Halloween time. Dave Orville. Thanks for your insights. Thought you might like this since I thought I saw a couple of years ago that you had some feline friends www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_LNu6Aaxvk Jr. I sent you a PM if you didn't see it.
  2. I just saw this post Jim. Don't know if your still experiencing issues. For what's it worth, I've been reading a ton of everything because of S5. Are you aware of the topic throttle parameters in the help doc. It strikes me as being related. But I'm still trying to figure S5 out and don't know [Foul Language Used].....
  3. Ah got you Orville. Thanks. Oh. The reason I was asking about the outside director usage, I'm still trying to explain away the discussions about Kingston sd cards. I'm wondering if the reason why I've had success with PNY is because my director is inside pretty much about 70 degrees year round.
  4. Jim, you confirmed the loredit file suffix part at least. I guess the point is I was trying to use the verifier to see if it would produce any error that might point me to why a very basic S5 sd card won't work in my director. So I can now toss that out of the tool bag. I've tried using notepad to view the S5 sd card config file since it now has some commands we can see. Nothing seems to stick out as a possible reason for not starting. But of course S2 cards don't have the new stuff nor can I find any documentation on the S5 sd card config parameters. You've been around a long time, do you know of any? I haven't started searching post yet for the not start problem.
  5. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You for saving my sanity. I hadn't seen that was being eliminated.
  6. KYHI. I still use a windows 2000 server machine. You are correct in that 32GB is the max. But if I'm pretty sure that larger partition sizes with FAT32 are supported in later OS's. You might want to google that to be sure.
  7. Happy New Year you guys. Finally done with the New Year thing. Since some of you are down there where the sun still shines I'm going to post a pic for your enjoyment! Michigan's Winter Wonderland finally returned last night. Since I haven't been online, you've probably both guessed I've been doing some testing since I last posted. I"m really questioning what the H-E-Double L is going on with S5. One thing for sure! I've discovered that port 1 on my G3MP3 Director has fallen ill to Covid-19 That's explains some of my issues that haven't made sense. And it was just repaired last year after it had died completely. I've used them successfully for 12 years and have been very happy with not having to tie up a PC. But now??? But port 2 is processing my S2 shows successfully and has been all season. Show is up and running right now with tomorrow night being my last night. As far as Felix is concerned. Success. I now have Felix singing to Decorations in preview. I can and have been testing tonight sending commands to him with the ELL's even with the S2 show running. Again, I'm only using the ELL's temporarily for testing. I received my new Kingston SD cards you guys recommended that I get, but I didn't receive the standard sdhc 80mb/s ones I ordered, instead they sent Kingston 32GB SDS2 100Mb/s Canvas Select Plus cards. I don't like the idea Orville, of using the micro sd for the same reasons that you cited in one of your post responses. But I decided to try them anyway. And lightzilla I'm like you, great luck with non-kingston cards over the years. Just doing what the experts are saying could be the issue. So to test these new cards. I first loaded them up with my S2 show seqs. They've been up and running in the G3MP3 Director for the last two nights with no hiccups. Now keep in mind I can run my S2 shows on non-kingstons with no issues also. It's very obvious that they are significantly faster. Especially when using S2 HU to load them up. But I haven't done any actual benchmarks. My best guess is - 25-30% faster. Since the three of you are using Directors, are you running them indoors or outdoors? Orville I'm not sure if it's a typo but I've been trying to figure out what you wrote, "2bd cat cable" - what is the acronym 2bd mean??? I understand your configuration and use of the G4. Thanks for sharing. It may help me if I ended up getting a G4. It's kinda of a bummer that LOR didn't design the G4 to allow for porting commands between ports for testing purposes. I would have bought one for sure. Whereas right now I will only buy it if it helps solve my physical network issues. You guys are all on S4. JR. Your profile says your using Pro S4-V4.4.6. But I thought I saw something where you've been testing with S5. WIth your G4 Director?? or com port HSA adapter?? I'm really getting frustrated with S5. I can't create a sd card with a single non-rgb/ pixel S5 sequence using the hub that will run in my director. After building the kingston card using the hub with simple mode and using the option to play when director is powered up, it initializes then goes into wait. If I turn around and stick my S2 card in plays normally. Any ideas?? I also can't get verify to run against a single sequence by itself !!!!. If I click on the option to verify against a single sequence, then click on the three dots to find my file, it doesn't even display any S5 sequences with the suffix loredit to choose from. Any ideas?? on this issue.
  8. Orville, I will die before I buy/tradeup to G3's. Can't justify it. Especially when you consider that I do it for the smiles and laughs that people enjoy while watching my shows. My newly completed snowman (after 2 years in development) and just put into "production" has been the hit of the show ever since. Filler sequences less than a minute each! Since I've quadrupled the amount of donations received this year and the long lines of traffic, there just isn't a reason to continue spending all of my money on changing them out. I will share with you and the rest of the world my experiences with implementing S5 when complete. After thinking about my issue with network speeds, I think you have the right answer, but maybe not for the same reasons. By going with a G4 the extra ports will resolve my issues with the physical yard layout. I'll still have to run separate cat 5 runs though. Have you used any easy light linkers for testing purposes with your G4?? If I used one of the ports for just a ELL, would I be able to send commands over ALL ports to ALL controllers with the HU? Dave
  9. Grasshopper says, "Master" that as I understand it, and please remember I just jumped into the pixel lake and don't know how to swim, I have no intention of going into "pixel" mode with the singing faces. Sorry if I wrote something that implied that. I'm trying to stay in what I believe is called "simple mode". I'm of the believe that the pixie2 as delivered with the singing faces are suppose to be shipped in the "simple mode" as you've mentioned. I've never used S3 or S4. But I've been filing away all the postings I read for the day I will go to S5. That day is here. I've installed S5 and that's why I'm addressing and trying to understand these two major issues of usage. Of course a lot of what I've filled away in this puny brain of mine goes back to the origins of S5 V.5.2.4 which negates the applicability of a lot of postings I've read about in the past. So your the Master and now that I know that you develop seqs for singing faces. I'm trying to follow your statement and I quote, "Do yourself a favor and do jot try to circumvent what LOR has done to assist users in sequencing run them in the enhanced mode the proper way". You use the word enhanced. It's my interpretation that this is "simple mode" referring back to the question you asked earlier and the answer I provided about the doc found on the website. Please correct me if I'm still not understanding enhanced vs simple. Are they the same thing? Before hitting enter to this post, I just reread what you wrote in your post. Are you referring to enhanced mode as in network speeds? Your use of the word enhanced referring to network speeds makes more sense to me then referring to what mode the pixie2 is running in????? So now that you know I do not intend to address Felix in pixel mode, my objectives are to get Felix functioning in S5 with a seq and get the HU functioning so I can test with. I may have the cart ahead of the horse but I rely on the HU functioning correctly for testing purposes. I have a seq that I've modified and converted from another user, that I'm testing S5 with. After spending a lot of time modifying it, I have the mouth perfectly synced in the preview. My objective is getting the commands out to the pixie so Felix functions like the preview. I am getting side tracked with the HU issue I'm having. It's hard doing some basic troubleshooting when I can't send commands over the network in a consistent matter. You can read about that in my other post in this topic. By the way JR, I've discovered and just documented the pixel errors in the Felix layout that LOR had posted in their website and I'm just getting ready to open a FYI ticket for that. I'll PM that to you if you'd like. It's not real relevant though unless your programming in pixel mode, and based on your above answer / reply you don't program in pixel mode either. But because your developing I though you might like to know about it. If you don't already. Let me know. Thanks so much for your insight as well. I need all the help I can get. PS. I've had Felix for a couple of years now. Just getting around to putting him to use. Are you aware of any firmware upgrades that I should/need to apply to the pixie???
  10. PS. Orville. My thinking has been that I probably will HAVE to implement the AUX A network for my new pixel stuff like you have indicated you've done Ie. Felix, RGB floods, and the CCCII pixels for arches. My problem is with the physical layout of my network. My Director is in the basement with my 1st controller on the north side of the garage. So a cable runs to that side. I split it before the 1st controller running a second leg back to the south side of the garage and then out the south side yard. So I would probably have to relocate the Director. Of course that affects my transmitter as I would have to relocate it, and that becomes an issue because of my antenna lead. It also adds the cold temperature into the mix. yatta yatta yatta. If I was rich, I would just buy a couple of the G4's like you have, keep one in the basement and put the other one on the south side. But then again I would still have to have two network cables to run to different areas of the yard. Actually the problem would go away if LOR came out with a network speed upgrade for my 20 old controllers. Or back to the rich part again, replace them with G3 controllers. But that ain't going to happen. Will it ever stop!!!!!!
  11. I follow what your saying Orville.... BUT..... My testing is showing that when I create the sd card is simple mode it is creating the files just like it does in S2. I can't speak to S3 or S4 as I've never installed them. The # files will only be created if I select advanced mode. JR has asked me about the trees running in Simple Mode as well (but I believe this is not related to the sd card simple mode). As I told him I don't follow exactly what the difference is yet, but it's my assumption based on a whole lot of nothing, that commands are sent like they are in the old channel configuration type of mode versus any kind of pixel mode. ****************************** Back to the Hardware Utility issue. (probably should have two separate postings for these since I now know they are unrelated, but a little late now). It's 2:00am. (my best work is done when no one's around to break my concentration). I just came in from the garage as I wanted to check my led's on the controllers and easy light linker. I just tried to send commands via the HU to the controllers via the temporary installed easy light linkers. I can't send commands successfully to the controllers again. I can make them blink for about a 1/4 of a second but they won't turn on like they would earlier tonight when I was running my S2 show. I plan on opening a ticket for this issue. I don't know if I have to upgrade my easy light linkers or if this is unknown issue with the S5 HU Mike needs to know about.
  12. Well Jr I don't fully understand it yet as I'm still learning about pixel hardware. This link http://store.lightorama.com/rgbprops.html is to their singing tree product. The first paragraph of that page states: Light-O-Rama's Custom Dual Mode Pixel controller allows you to operate the tree in Simple Mode ( 8 RGB channels ) or Standard Pixel Mode as 200 pixels. In Simple Mode, our custom controller will convert 1 RGB channel into a group of pixels such as "eyes open" or "eyes closed". This makes sequencing a complex pixel prop as simple as it gets! Light-O-Rama strives to make complex tasks as easy as possible! Now at this point I'm still not sure how one sets simple mode as there is no documentation in the documentation section. Only a data sheet. By the way I was checking out the video of your gazillion singing trees earlier tonight. Pretty cool!!!
  13. My plan is to use Felix in simple mode so ther full 500k won't be needed. YET!
  14. Not trying to run off an ell. Just using it for testing the HU. The basement contains my lenovo laptop that I use for developing. The display decided to take a dump. I would have installed S5 on that in a VM. So I'm upstairs on a desktop that's next to a window that I can look out and see Felix along with a few other props. No cable (RS485) so I rigged up a pair of ells I had on the shelf collecting dust to get my commands over to the 1st controller in the garage. My seqs are in perfect sync so I guess I prefer the slower speed as a trade off for possible data loss at higher speeds...... Tx for the suggestion though.
  15. Hold the Horses. Don't expend any of your time on this yet. My S2 show just kicked off as I was getting ready to test the S5 Hardware utility again. Thanks to electrons doing what they want, when they want, I can now control the lights. Now the interesting thing is I can do it why the show is currently running. And in fact maybe that's why it's working. Won't know for sure until I can do some more testing later tonight as their already starting to line up. Stay tuned! For more of my frustration!!!!
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