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  1. Isn't there a setting that disables fades and effects on channels for things that will be simple on/off (switched) and can't have voltage variance? I thought that was for things like fans and other non dimmables to avoid damage.
  2. Adding to what others have said about HLE- they have been consistently great with customer service and with the products I have purchased from them for years. Early on I was not as kind to some my LED strings from them as I should have and they still took the abuse. I'll be placing a big RGB order with them shortly and expect more well made strings that I'll be thrilled with. Quality all around.
  3. Sounds like a permissions issue. Does the folder/directory already exist? Perhaps go ahead and create the directory before you do the install so the installer just drops the files into a path that already exists. /runs Parallels on Mac and Win 7 Pro and has run it for LOR for years. // ran 4.4.6 for a couple years and just now moved to the highest version that isn't 5.x
  4. My HA system has some existing actions related to the display that I enable and disable every season. One action I kick off when the show starts for the season is to block the on and off commands for all my exterior lights like the driveway, porch, etc. The action unblocks at midnight and turns on all the exterior lights. The block also also prevents the HA commands to run my lawn sprinklers that have display elements on them. Another script powers up one big inflatable and a mini light figure about an hour before show start and then off at midnight. On the weekends the inflatable
  5. There is discussion during this conversion about drilling holes in walls. Don't forget the wireless kit LOR sells. 2/3rds of my display runs off the little antenna sitting inside on my windowsill.
  6. Guess I missed the discussion. I have run my show on a Mac Mini since my start - about 2007. Some of it was the Mini as a booting Windows box via "Bootcamp" but most of it via Parallels. I've only had a couple minor hiccups over the years- mostly with making sure I had the right Windows USB driver (after LOR updates) but otherwise not bad. It has been nice to have the Windows world in a self contained space so moving from one Mini to the next via hw upgrades was painless. The show and environment stays in perfect hibernation year to year when you're not running Parallels. I plug in
  7. I also work on my MBP and then copy over the sequences to my Mac Mini running the show. I use Apple Remote Desktop to also access the Mini in and around shows for maintenance. I have been known to sit out front with my laptop into the Mini running the show making changes and editing then watching the results. I'm sure others can also do remote access like this on the Windows side, but the option to do it is really easy on the Mac so far.
  8. I have been running LOR with 12 controllers and multiple ELLs across 2 houses on a Mac ("Mini") for about 12 years. I've done XP via bootcamp way back when, and the last few years on a newer Mini via Parallels (v13.x) and Windows 7. It is all seamless and has always run well. Folding it into the Mac to have things like iTunes and Remote access have been amazing. The only snag I have come across is not getting the PixCon 16 RGB boards to work/be recognized that I bought when they first came out. LOR dismissed it when I tried to chase the issues early on. I probably need to run boot camp
  9. GND = negative/ground connection -12v side . POS / + / 12v side Hope that helps and good luck!
  10. Ah here it is. It's the first link don the page for the USB to Serial driver- http://www1.lightorama.com/communication/ That will get you this serial installer- http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/CDM20830_Setup.exe I got stuck on the com port and this fixed it. You've probably resolved this by now but someone else later may find this useful.
  11. Hmmm mine is on port 3. I think there is a generic PC serial driver I needed to download when I moved to Windows 7 that Parallels doesn't have. Let me go look. I've run my LOR display (96 channels) on a Mac for 11 years. The last 2 under Parallels instead of via Boot Camp.
  12. Boot camp is just the drivers so Windows understands what sort of "PC" you're running. There's no simulation or VM under MacOS like running Parallels or VMware. Boot Camp makes it a real PC booting Windows from a separate WIN volume. PC mag even reviews Macs as regular PCs when running windows as the intel chip/set is pretty much in the same ballpark w/BC as the start up. In my case I'm running Parallels 12 as a VM on a 4 year old mini with Win 7 and not having any lag issues. My Dev machine is a 3 year old MacBook Pro running Parallels 11. Your set ups are not exactly the same so t
  13. I love Kevin's work and plan to have him tune up / add some more for me for 2017. Hundreds/thousands are spent on displays, c'mon folks his work is awesome and incredibly affordable.
  14. Our local Lowes went 90% off. 100ct mini's @ .23c a string to start. Cases of 12 were running about 3 bucks including tax. Yeah- I stocked up....
  15. Why incan? For part if my display it makes sense. Our local place went 90% off so 100ct mini incans are 23 cents a string case of 12 with tax is 3 bucks. That makes them cheap enough I don't try to salvage them when the squirrels chew the plugs off them. I just cut the dead strands off the tree trunk and limbs at the end of the season. I would be upset to buy LEDs each year to replace them from squirrel damage. They love the plugs and the Acorn tree so this is how we co-exist. My .02
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