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  1. Do you mind sending it my way to look at? theselightsruel@gmail.com Thanks much Lenny
  2. anyone have a TSO, Faith Noel Sequence ? Not much to look at and tried a search. Heavier channel count would be huge as I'm running just over 300. Thanks in advance. Lenny Ruel
  3. Not having much luck finding TSO's Faith Noel. Anyone here have one I can look at please? Running 368 channels and also have DMX. Not sure I'm adding it yet as I did Oh Come All Ye Faithful/Oh Holy Night last year.. Even for TSO it is slower but still got good comments. Thanks Lenny Ruel these lights ruel on Facebook theselightsruel@gmail.com
  4. Anyone working on any Moana? Thinking about doing "How Far I'll Go" Lenny
  5. Want to add a shorter song quick to this years program and like Spirit of the Season from Polar Express. Not much in the forums here for this, i think I found 1, but not many channels. Anyone have a little higher channel count of it they can send me as I am having trouble getting a handle on what I want to do with this one. I'm at over 300 channels with a dozen DMX V-Floods as well.....(can't figure out how to change my numbers on my tag below) I think it's just a burned out brain from sequencing what I have for this year. thanks in advance for any help gang !! e-mail is theselightsruel@gmail
  6. Great piece. I have a sequence for it, as well as Winter Palace for close to 300 channels. Lenny
  7. T J sorry to hear all of this. Drop me an e-mail sometime !! theselightsruel@gmail.com Lenny
  8. I'm thinking about sequencing Christmas Jam and had a friend edit out the talking in the beginning so my mp3 track is now 3:38 long. Does anyone have a sequence I can look at that matches, or if a track that is edited differently, both the sequence and the track please. I looked at a couple in the forum here and they seemed really blinky, although it's hard to tell without the matching music. I know it's an incredibly fast beat count, so I'd maybe throw in more chases, although they would be fast ones. Really like the hard drum beats on this though............. Thanks in advance!! Lenny
  9. Orville: Everything seems to work as you describe except opening an lms file from anyplace on my computer. Have no problem starting a new sequence with an MP3 or anything. Now, I tried opening the files that have been coming up coded from the Sequence Editor and that works. If I go to the file and double click on them they still pull up in code. I have to open the SE and go to the documents file the lms is in and open it and it pulls up fine. One think I noticed about LOR 3.10.14 that wasn't there with 3.5.0 so far is when I bring in the media file, it analizes it. There is a loading bar
  10. Don: I already did that and that was where I found out I could go to 3.10.14. As for the downloads............When i click on the links they go into my documents files. We have 7ZIP installed so even if they come zipped they get opened up as an LMS in that documents file automatically. It used to be that all I ever had to do was double click on that file and it would open up the sequence on my sequence editor screen, which isn't happening any longer. What you are telling me is to open my Sequence Editor first, go to file icon, and find the LMS in the Documents and it should open when I
  11. Would any of this have anything to do with the license? Would I need to pay with the new install of 3.10.14? I had 3.5.0 and things where acting funny of maleware updates etc, which is why I uninstalled it. When I did the 3.10.14 download it never asked for the license key. Once I installed it and opened the Sequence Editor I went to help and registered the License Key as it asked. Reason I ask is when I emailed the help desk a few days ago to ask their thoughts I was told I could go 3.10.14, but in the same e-mail they also listed options. I actually pasted the e-mail here...............
  12. Orville, I tried your Munsters theme and it's coded as well............ Lenny
  13. This is what I mean by coded.............. Untitled 1.doc Lenny
  14. George, I think the term I've seen is Codex? or codem maybe? It show the channels in all of the elements used in the sequences configuration, says the color for each, and then it will read something like on 100% for so many centiseconds, etc. Lenny
  15. Orville: I'll try this out soon as I can and get you a sequence that pulls in on my computer encode. I actually un-installed LOR last night and did a windows update as the last one it showed was from Jan 7th, the day after I took the computer off line from running the show for last season. I didn't have time to install LOR again last night and I golf tonight so depending on when I get home....... I don't have LOR here at work on my computer but if I download a sequence it is coded here as would be expected. In fact I used to do this a few years back when I used a few channels here and ther
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