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  1. Somebody helped me out so no longer looking. Mods can delete this thread if they want. Thanks!
  2. Looking to see if anybody has programmed a singing face for the song Devil went down to georgia. Face can be 4 or 5 channel. Not holding my breath but would also like these I Want Candy - Cody Simpson Version Monster by Skillet. Thanks!
  3. Good information! I helped out with a school play last year and was using my LOR boxes as DMX dimmers and had to pull power from 6 different outlet/circuits with two circuits per LOR box and was trying to figure out which circuits where on the same phase.
  4. Yes I have found this out in years past when trying to use LOR boxes for theater lighting. I had to run each side at 20amps and it was a chore trying to find out what outlets where on the same phase. Maybe we just had really dirty power at the mall. Thanks for the info. I am also heading back to Moscow in June for a summer show which should be interesting.
  5. This past season I created a display inside a mall and had serious issues with dimming LEDs that caused way more work then one person would want with a limited time to install the display. The whole thing was mostly resolved by placing resistor loads on all the channels but had some flicker issues still on certain controllers even with 1W 47k resistors. All controllers that were used were 3rd Gen Pro controllers. At other locations I had some decent success with the 3gen controllers and others not so much. At one location all my new lights faded perfectly with the new controllers without put
  6. 10 displays this year. Right now I am in Moscow Russia and here is one. Also one in Korea that I had to send some guys to since I am over here. Still trying to get some good video of it. http://lightingshow.co.kr/
  7. I figured since the utility shows it and since it looks like it loads about half of it it would. Oh well. Thanks for the info!
  8. Here is a little video I shot last night of the display I created in Moscow. I had no idea what the display was going to look like and just shipped a bunch of lights and gear over there. I arrived on the 11th and lights where stuck in customs until the 19th. Working with a bunch of other artists over here and people this is what we created. Heading home tomorrow.
  9. BTW the Cosmic Color Ribbon controllers work great with standalone sequences, but the CCP controllers will load about half way then reset themselves automatically. I have tried about 5 different units and they all do the same thing. Working on a project that I have to have this working and wasting a CCR controller to drive the CCP Controllers because I don't have any spare MP3 Director units.
  10. I have tried a few times this year to load a very basic sequence onto a CCP controller much like you can with the Pro LOR controllers. It will try about 4 times and then says there are to many errors. I have tried this with several different computers on different CCP controllers. I am wanting to use some CCPs to do some very basic things and having to use MP3 Directors to play a simple 5 second sequence. Anybody have any luck running the CCPs in standalone mode?
  11. It was pointing to www.lor2012.com but it looks like it has been redirected to just the normal web site now.
  12. A few shots of J├Ągermeister.
  13. Winner? Winner? Even for a Chicken Dinner? Anybody going to know if they are going to annouce the 2011 winners before Christmas of 2012? http://www.lor2012.com/videos/shining-bright-2011-winners/
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