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  1. that would be awesome Bob if you get the chance. Thanks
  2. Did anyone by chance do a sequence about COVID? I mean like like a superstar tree sequence that says how we will beat COVID and praising our first responders? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find anything at all. Thought for sure one would be out there
  3. Luckily, (knocks on wood) all these years, I've only had to reach out to LOR support once. They were awesome and quick to respond. Their support IMO is second to none!!!
  4. must of been a sale price for that week only. I got 16.97 here. That's what I get for not logging on for a week!!!
  5. Jim. I got two gen 3 controllers as well in the mad grab. I haven't had time to open boxes yet and probably won't for another month or so. So, I need to update firmware which is fine but you have to update to..... oops, nevermind should of let my coffee sink in first before I comment. I saw the two separate firmware updates and thought I had to update one at a time meaning version 1.00 to 1.02 then to next level version until it was up to date. now I see you updated two different controllers! Doh!
  6. Great show! I should do the same with my CCR tree, never even thought about it before!
  7. These guys aren't amazon with 2-day prime shipping! You have to remember that in a very short timeframe, these guys had many orders coming in! As long as you received your confirmation after placing the order during the mad grab, rest assured your order is processing and will be on it's way! I'm only a couple hundred miles away from LOR and just yesterday I received my shipping acknowledgement and I had completed my mad grab purchase by 9:03! within a few days I'll be playing with some great mad grab items!!!
  8. yeah Bob was right, capcha was half covered, drove me crazy as I kept getting denied but overall still got my goodies!!!
  9. Whew! I can start breathing normally again! Got scared there as my order was denied 3 times in row!!! I forgot to click the "I'm not a robot" button. But I got everything I tried for: 8 - pack floods 8 - pack ribbons 2 - new LOR1602Wg3 controllers 1 - pixcon16 YES!!!!
  10. Wow! feeling the adrenaline kicking in already!!!!
  11. Without a doubt, you need a spare. While a total failure is not likely, You could have other issues like a blown fuse or a bad triac. While the fuse is easily fixable, it may not be your first thing you look for when panic strikes and your audience is driving away not seeing all the blood, sweat & tears you put into your show all year long! With a spare controller you can change out quickly to keep show going and then trouble shoot any issues without going as crazy! The spare came in handy for me this year when a triac when on the fritz and would leave one line with constant power at a
  12. Same here, updated to windows 10 before last years show and everything worked great! Only thing I noticed different is that the LORComListener is constantly running and pinned to my taskbar. No big deal though, all works great...
  13. I think the admins do a great job at policing the differences between someone that's happy bout a product that they mention it here in the forums as opposed to as DevMike said " here just to pimp products ". If not, we would have so much spam in these forums the members would have to spend more time deleting the spam crap than actually getting useful information. Great Job Guys!!!
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