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  1. I've been all-LED on my display for the 3 years doing this. The only problem I've ever had were with some blue icycle lights that were cheapest-of-the-cheap. They didn't even make it through a full season. All of the others that continue to do well are just the run-of-the-mill GE, Phillips, etc that you can pick up at Lowe's, Home Depot, Target, etc. I've expanded and changed things each year, so I usually go to the stores on Dec 26 and buy them up due to the big discounts 50% - 75% off. My electric bill increases by less than $10 for the full month of December. To me, the brighter look of the LEDs is worth the extra cost. They look so much more crisp. But that's just my opinion.
  2. This was only my 3rd year of a display, so I'm sure there are others with much better information for you. But the 1st year, I used a Ramsey and it worked fine. 2nd year started, and it didn't matter what frequency I tried, it was full of static even when parked directly in front of our house. So I switched to Mobile Black Box and have loved it. The digital read-out & frequency selection is great. On a clear night, I can still pick up the music from about 1 mile away. I've been highly impressed by that, and I made the decision to go with that equipment based on other comments I had seen in these forums. Good luck!
  3. It may depend on your FM transmitter, but I've used 2 different kinds and they both accepted the 3.5 mm stereo audio cable (which is what you've pictured). My cable is 100 feet long and I've had zero problems with it. The computer is in the basement, the audio cable runs out of the office, up a flight of stairs, wraps through the kitchen, around the dining room, and into the front living room where I keep the transmitter. www.cablestogo.com - I love this company and use them frequently for anything and everything related to audio/video and all sorts of unique items. Amazing prices, even with shipping - beat the pants off of Radio Shack in most cases. Hopefully I copied the right link, but this should take you straight to the listing of all of their audio cables: http://www.cablestogo.com/product_list.asp?cat_id=2002&sort=length-desc By the way, you'll want male on both ends (they list as m/m).
  4. I'm officially addicted! 2008 was my first year and I had 48 channels. I expanded to 80 for 2009. Now, I'm already thinking about next year and will go to at least 96 channels, quite possibly 112. The most expensive part of my display would have to be all of the electrical wiring. I've used 5-wire multi-conductor cable with a 4-outlet box in a semi-weather-proof box. All LED lights, so I used a shared neutral coming back due to the low amperage. In thinking about expanding, I'm wondering if I truly need that kind of wiring. The advantage is one length powers 4 different channels. And it is in a nice thick insullation protecting it from the weather. I live in Indianapolis, so our December consists of rain and snow with temperatures ranging from 10 or 15 overnight to upper 30's during the day. For those of you in similar, or harsher climates - what do you use to run your power from the controllers? Would just some lamp cord be sufficient, or is that too high of a risk due to weather? Thanks in advance for anyone's help!
  5. 2008 was my first year doing an LOR display. I have version 1.6.9, which is the version that was shipped to me with my controller kits. I'm perfectly happy with the functionality of the software, but I see others talking about newer versions - specifically S2. So, my question is, how exactly do I upgrade my software? Is it literally as easy as clicking the S2 logo on the LOR website, providing my license #, and that is all there is to it? Or are we talking two different platforms? I wouldn't do anything until after this season is over, but I had some problems with getting the show to start this year and had some responses that 1.6.9 is a very old version. I couldn't imagine it would be terribly outdated since it was just shipped to me last year. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated so I can start looking into a bigger and better show for 2010. Thanks everyone, and Merry Christmas to all.
  6. I had this same problem last year and one of the LOR staff members sent me a link, which I saved (Reg Wipe), but the link brings up a page saying "this page no longer exists." I have my songs done, show saved, etc. I go into the schedule editor, and regardless if I set it up on the weekly or on the day-by-day calendar, after I click the save button, I get a pop-up that says "Unable to Save Schedule." I've tried enabling shows, disabling shows, completely reinstalling the software (LOR 1.6.9)....but nothig seems to do the trick. Anyone know the solution? By the way, I'm on Windows XP. Thank you.
  7. NEVER MIND - I just noticed one of the microprocessors had come half-way unplugged. As soon as I popped it back in, everything works fine. WHAT A RELIEF!!!! Its always the simplest things that can trip you up
  8. I have 5 controllers, 2 of which were new kits I put together earlier this year. At that time, they worked fine - in fact, I connected several strands of lights to them and ran a quick sample sequence. Now that I've got my display set up, I plugged in my controllers, and the LED status light won't illuminate on 1 of them. I've used my voltmeter and detect 120 volts across all of the terminals, so I know there is proper power coming to the board and going across the jumpers. But nothing comes of the LED status light. The Hardware Utility won't detect this board either. I've swapped out the fuses just in case, but still nothing (and the fuses that were in there work fine in the other boards). I've tried connecting to the computer with this one unit only as well as in series with the other 4, but still nothing. Anyone have any ideas on what might cause this, and more importantly, what I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance. Hoping to get this corrected in time for the display to kick on this Saturday!
  9. I'm new to the forums, and to the LOR experience. Absolutely love spending the time making sequences and looking at all of your pictures and videos! Here is our picture of this year - major expansion plans for 2009 already underway. www.southsidechristmas.com Attached files
  10. This is my first year, but I'm already hooked. My current display has 48 channels and I'm already working on sequences for next year that will double that. Big expansion plans! This completely changes the way you hear any Christmas music. I can no longer just listen to the music. My mind immediately goes into a planning mode of what the lights would do if I were to program a sequence for that song. Our street normally only gets traffic for the 30-or-so homes located on it. But the word has already spread including a mention in the Indianapolis Star (the Indy paper) of 10 displays in the City of Indianapolis to see. We had steady traffic last night. The neighbors had been very excited up to this point. Hopefully the sudden traffic doesn't change their feelings! Please let me know what you think: www.southsidechristmas.com
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