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  1. Thanks for the response Ed.I found the problem.I use optical cable to my reciever and thats where the sound lag was.I got it all cleared up. Thanks Ray
  2. O.K. here we go.I just got done with a few of my sequence updates.By that i mean i had to redo my songs with the new Contoller config.All was well a couple of weeks ago.Now when i went to work on them again.ALL of the songs are out of sync with the controllers.What the hell is going on now???? Anyone???
  3. Thanks for the response Bob. i am using lor1.6.1. I also use wav. files instead of MP3 because it seems they would always change index points and not stay in sync.As i stated ,i had this same problem last year so here's what i do to get the show to run.Everyday i have to restart my computer and start the LOR control .If i do it the day of the show it works 95% of the time.Sometimes (not often) the show will just stop.So i just reboot and restart the control icon. There seems to be a conflict somewhere becuase when i first try to unload the LOR control ,it says that the program is not responding and i have to power down my computer with the actual power button.When i restart ,the control status says automatically that the show is enabled.That is wrong.I should be the one to tell it when it is enabled or disabled.So i reboot .Then the reboot wooks just fine.When my system comes back up and i click on the control icon..All is well and the show will run at the scheduled time.I have all the schedules set.I have all clocks synced.All sequences are just fine.It's just that one BURP the puts the wrench in the gears.I am going to upgrade to S2 after this season so i can have it run more reliable.I will Die with my LOR controllers!! I love this set up. Thanks Ray
  4. I am running XP and mine does the same thing! I am running 1.6.1 also and like you have not had time to upgrade to S2.
  5. This is the second year this does this.I emptied my computer.Only xp and LOR on it. Everything seems OK except the shows will not run when scheduled. ANYONE please help.I Love my light o rama and will die with it!! Help me fix the bug without sacrificing the sequences i have already done.:X
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