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  1. In terms of brightness of led pixels, is there any differences when using 5v vs 12v. Are the 12v led pixels brighter?
  2. Actually I am not just changing the extention, I am replacing the media file with an audiio only (wma) file, then changing it back after editing. Ok, I see the docs say only audio file types will be able to display the waveform.
  3. My musical sequences use WMV files so I can project video during my sequences. The problem is that when I go into the Sequence Editor the View Waveform option is disabled if the file is WMV. If I have to go back and edit the sequence, I have to change the file back to a WMA file so I can view the waveform, then change it back after editing the sequence. Is this by design? or should I add this to the WishList to be able to view the waveform of the audio track of a WMV file. Thanks Patrick
  4. Yes. When I lost control of the channel and it was in a constatnt on state, I decided to use it to power a wireless speaker in the garage by the units. The speaker remains powered all night also. Patrick
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have checked the loads and I am well within the 8A per channel, 15A per bank. The first time it blew was during playback of a show. This is when I lost control of the #16ch. everytime it blows now it is sometime after the show has stopped playing for the night. I normally leave the units plugged in over night. Is it possible that the morning dew may be causing the problem even though the board is powered, but no control signal, or power is being sent to any of the channels? Thanks again Patrick
  6. I purchased a new CTB16 this year (Nov) to add another 16 channels, and last week it stopped working half way through the night. After finding that the 2nd bank 9-16 fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse, and now it works but I do not have control of ch16. It is constant on. I'm thinking the triac is now shot. I was going to try to get through the season, but the fuse now keeps blowing. About every 2 - 3 days. What do i need to do to get this fixed/repaired? I'm not seeing any info on the website with instructions for returns or repairs. What is the process for sending this unit back to get repa
  7. Thanks Mark. My concern was based on the fact that it looks like some sort of Apache server, and I wanted to make sure someone was not hacking into my system. Thanks again, I feel more at ease. Patrick
  8. I see in my Light-O-Rama installation directory 2 folders XySSL, and Xerces. Are these part of the install or upgrade of LOR!! S2 Version 2.0.16? or any previous versions such as 1.6.3 or 1.6.9? Thanks Patrick
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