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  1. James is there any chance you have a sequence for "Show yourself" from frozen II? Thank you in advance for your help. John
  2. send you a sequence via email hope it helps add to your collection. John
  3. Sent you info about what sequences I have to help you. John
  4. What elements are you using in your display, ie Leeping arches, figures, wire frames ?? I still have my old but goodies from when I started but you would still have t0 get the music to go with them. John
  5. is it possible I could get a copy for my grandkids. I am running 64 channels and plan to use rgb lighting this year johnlasr@Comcast.net Tks in advance for any help
  6. Has anyone sequenced Marvelous Toy by Peter Paul and Mary? My Daughter asked me if I could add it to my show this year. Have the music, but looking for the sequencing. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have download other peoples sequences from Lorsequences and each person has their own setup. You may be having the channels mixed up and need to tailor all the channels to your setup. Its possible to set two channels to the same controller and having it do weird things when you run it. John
  8. Well Scott, Batch #8 It came today!!!! Put it together in a few minutes and had it up and running shortly there after. With the temp antenna I get about a block from the house before it starts to break up. Cant wait to see what it will do when the antenna is outside of the basement. Thanks again John
  9. Has anyone from batch 8 received theirs yet???
  10. check out walmart and target , they both have Xmas lights out. about 10% more than last year. Target also has the Snowman countdown clock for $99.99. Walmart has the 6 channel holiday light controller for less than 70$ this year for those that cant afford our LOR controllers. John
  11. Yard Sales and Flea Markets are good places to find Xmas lights and decorations. That is a good place to look on the weekends. If you dont see anything in the yards ask them, you never know, they will go digging for things to sell!!!! John
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