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  1. Thanks Mike, I will mess around with it for another day and If I am unable to get it going I will open a ticket. Just want to make sure its not a Hardware or User Error prior to opening up a ticket. Thanks Kevin
  2. With version 3.x I had used an X10 (cm11a) to control my indoor lights and to turn on the FM Transmitter and Projector with out any issues. I have now upgraded to LOR 4.2.6 Pro version and the x10 does not seem to be working. I have tried both the serial port on the computer and have tried using a USB to Serial adapter. I have been setting the comm port in both the Network Cofig program and the LOR hardware config. Although when I change things in the Network Config the port I select there is now unavailable in the hardware config. If I try to enter it manually it gives error "Subscript
  3. The new Phantom 3 is a good quad and you can get it with a 4k camera or the standard 1080HD cam. You might also want to check out the new 3DR Solo that will be available later this month. You use your GoPro for the cam, since the solo does not have a camera built in. But the advantage of the Solo is it has compleate camera control from the ground and also has advanced camera shots so you can pre-program you shots and angles. For a new quadcopter pilot the Solo will give you more control over your pictures without having to worry about flying the quadcopter and controlling the camera to ge
  4. The 2014 List of Computerized Chistmas displays in the Colorado Springs area can be found at http://www.coloradoxmas.com/light_tour.html This is the listing of displays that wanted to be publicly listed. There are about 4 or 6 others that do not like large amounts of traffic and others that are not doing a display this year.
  5. This year I seem to be having issues with the Scheduler. To begin with the Comm Listener will die during a show with the error connection closed while reading msg header. I am only using the e.131 port, no dongles the LOR boards are running in DMX mode, and I am mostly pixels running on Falcon or Lynx controllers. I have the network set up with all univ that I'm using set to multicast and all on port 5568 with the DMX Listener port set at 8837. When comm listener starts it loads the DMX universes with the correct multicast port and than acceps the connection on Scoket 1320. When it crashes
  6. Thanks to Steve Smock. I got what I needed.
  7. Demented Elf is who did the originals. He made me about 40 differant bumpers, not all have the radio ID in them. I just need the station ID so I can merge it into the few files I am using this year. I will have Kevin redo all my bumpers that use the radio staion ID in them that I want to use in the future after the season.
  8. Someone is on my FM Station I used last year so I need a new bumper for my radio station. Unfortunitly I am unable to get my voice to sound normal when recorded (it sound like I have a pinched nose). I've tried adjusting the pitch but still can not get it to sound professional. Does any one have just a simple sound file for "93.5FM" that is a male voice. I would be extreamly thankful if you could email it to me. Thanks. Kevin Kevin@Coloradoxmas.com
  9. Thanks Bob, I have seen so many files out there lately using a config with channels marked up as notes or instruments, I thought someone may have figured out something new. I did watch your SpEx video and plan to look into that more for next year, since this years time is pretty well gone now. Your Popcorn example was impressive. I was trying to just get the piano notes out of the Let It Go song. Mostly just the piano solos and not so much the entire song. This year I found the MIDI version of the song and used that to create MIDI timming marks for the piano and was able to get a somewh
  10. I have seen a few sequences out there that have the channels marked up as notes or as differant instruments. How is this done? Some I have seen the actual note i.e. C#, F, etc while on others I see where there may be 10 bass channels, 10 Piano channels, etc. What program is being using to create these files? And how are the channel effects being populated? One of the most recent ones I saw was BobO popcorn demo with SpEx2.2. I see how he used SpEx to find the keyboard notes, but still don't understand how the clipboard from SpEx transfer to the LOR file with the notes channel created
  11. Every year I list the Colorado Springs animated displays on my website. Some displays wish not to be published due to the volume of traffic they are getting. I usually start the list around Thanksgiving time. Last year I had websites like Moms719.com with a link to my displays page and few other websites linked to it as well.
  12. James, Would you please send me a copy of Let It Go as well. Thanks kevin@coloradoxmas.com
  13. I have an iDMX 1000 that I'm not longer using, if anyone is interested in purchasing it send me an email? Its probably 4 years old or so, and works great. Can also assist with DMX/LOR cables 3pin to RJ45 or RJ45 DMX to RJ45 LOR.
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