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  1. That's great! Congratulations Robin, I bet there was a HUGE sigh of relief after things started working
  2. Robin wrote: Wohoo! :dude: Got some champaign ready for when it all starts working??? Or a big sledge hammer or stick of dynamite incase it doesn't work Tim, I didn't notice the wind quite so much last night but I think it's starting to blowing now.
  3. medman2000 wrote: I'm a few more miles west of ya'll in South Dakota...I was laying in bed sometime after 10:00pm & seemingly out of nowhere the wind came up here too. Sounded like the house was going to blow over :shock: Robin - I've been watching this thread. Just heartbreaking. I hope you're able to get a fix in place soon. Dan
  4. I've finally had a few moments to work on a non-musical animation sequence in LOR II the last few evenings. I am experiencing an issue that I believe is similiar to what you are describing. Here is what I am observing using "Play Visible Screen" and working with 4 channels: I'll click play & I can see the cursor start to move indicating the animation is being played. All 4 of my channels have a "On" even in the first few seconds of the screen. None of the 4 channels turn on. 2 seconds into the screen my first channel hits a dim event. The channel pops on to 100% then dims down &
  5. Audacity also has a compressor effect you can run on a sound file. I used it for all of the sound files used in my show. Normalizing the audio will help, but compressing should help make it even better especially for broadcasting. Normalizing reduces the difference between the loud & quiet parts of the sound file but at the sacrafice of dynamics. When you're broadcasting, it's well worth it I think in the end I compressed & normalized my audio files, in that order. Dan
  6. Push Eject wrote: Dan, I appreciate your ingenuity, but I work for The Man and there is no getting in or out without FBI-like credentials and probably a gun or two. Charlie Maybe they could make an exception for something as important as LOR? Get one of those little routers that has a VPN in it to help with security? Ah man, it was worth a try. :dude: Dan
  7. Setup NAT/Port Forwarding on your router....Forward port 5900 to your LOR pc's IP address. You might want to make your LOR PC's IP static if it isn't already.
  8. Jeff Millard wrote: Yup, this is what happened to me too. I upgraded from 1.6.1 on Windows Vista Buisness.
  9. tallan wrote: LOL LOL, but which Friday? There are about 52 in a year...
  10. Did the email specify WHICH Friday that was going to be? :shock:
  11. Robin wrote: I can't see it either so we'll have to take ponddude's word for it. Anyone know pondude's address incase this is some kind of crule joke?? JUST KIDDING!! Dan
  12. Jeff Millard wrote: 8) The smiles you put on peoples faces - especially kids 9) The ooooos, ahhhs & WOW reactions
  13. daniel wrote: Hmm...a LOR OS would be really cool! Maybe building off a custom Linux distro would be the easiest way to go?
  14. jeffandnicole wrote: LOR Orchestrator? LOR Conduct(conductor) ? Hmmm...
  15. Ditto! And if the chanting of "Open" at the door doesn't work, does someone have a battering ram?
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