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  1. Well Freakshow007, I've run several tests and have yet to get the pixel spiderweb working with all smart pixels. When opening the controller box, it says all is well because the LED is a solid red, but no playback. And I've had the same issue with only the first video playing, in a loop, but the 2nd one doesn't. So I've made the decision to go back to S4 from S5 to see if there is any difference. I know that last year's show went well with the video, using S4, so I must be doing something wrong in S5, but can't figure out what it is. I'll know more tonight when it gets dark and the show starts
  2. Why would you want to recover from this disease, MichRX7?😀
  3. I was going to share this feature of my projector but you've found it, so that's the good news. And since there is no bad news, you will be all set to go. I've seen several rear projection and they look great. Look forward to seeing a touch of your finished project.
  4. So glad you got the projector and show working together. I never noticed a lag in the first video projection, but if it works itself out for the remainder, good news. Not many people are going to see or notice the lag for only a few minutes at the very first projection. As far as a projector, I'm using a short throw Optoma DLP EH460ST projector that was purchased from Amazon. Bought it for the high lumen count, and it has worked well. Attached is a still of one of my projections. As for turning on the projector, and then off, and then on, all night long, mine is left on all the time.
  5. Bill, I just replied to your individual post. Hope that answers your questions.
  6. Bill, I spent a lot of 2019 "learning" about video projection mapping, looking at YouTube videos and checking out the forums, including this one. One of my sources was sasmuse. Sally has been a big help and I'd suggested checking her out. Another is default. But I digress from your question. I had the same problem you describe when I played the sequence from my laptop at a scheduled time. My solution was the first time it happened, the video was Restored Down. So I clicked on the box between the - and X in the upper right corner of the window, which then made the window full screen on bo
  7. Phil, I've got an issue using my show computer, which is a Dell laptop. I set up the sequence on the desktop, also a Dell, adding the mp4 file as the media file, and everything works well. When I go to play the sequence on the desktop with the SE showing, the video kicks in quickly as anticipated and plays through to the end. Then I place the sequence file from the desktop on a flash drive, along with the mp4 file, transfer both to the the show laptop. Once both files are transferred to the laptop, I re-establish a connection between the SE file and the mp4 file by selecting the mp4 file as th
  8. I'm switching out of my big display and putting on a smaller scaled display at my home. At the same time I'm switching away from LEDs to dumb and smart pixels, so I'm selling my LED strings. Some of my strings are new and never used, while others have been used in my display from one to many years. All M5/M6 strings have been purchased from CDI, and therefore the professional variety. 4" spacing, UL rated for indoors and outdoors, Energy Star qualified, lifespan of 50,000 hours when new, uses 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, one piece socket design increases weather resistance, if one
  9. Dennis, I'm not to the point of bringing in the media file into LOR, so I can't confirm nor deny what you've stated from practical experience. I'm only to the point of ensuring that my projector will be in the same spot, night after night. Now moving on to the next step, producing the video. I have done some research into this subject about which you ask, and have found the following information that might be helpful. Under Home>LOR Software>LOR S4 Software Suite there is a post with a title of LOR Video Projection Setup that you might find helpful. It is an old post, but appears to
  10. Wow, 5 acres. That gives you a very big canvas. Look forward to seeing your 2019 4th of July display, including the Video Projection Mapping. (Looks like we have gotten off topic)
  11. I agree with your assessment Ionsenior. I haven't put the theory in practice yet, but everything I've read leads down the path you are going. I used a sequence last Halloween, Ghostbusters. Now this year I plan to add video projection mapping to this sequence in the manner you described. But I'm going to buy the video ready for my house, from digitalpressworks. I've done a test of the projection and mapping the house, with Matt approving the process so far. However, it appears that a critical aspect of the whole process is to ensure that the projector is in the exact same place, night af
  12. In all my testing to get the projector in the "right" place, it looks like the 4200 lumens will work out well with the real thing. Below is the projection on the house last night using the projection mapping software available through digitalpressworks.com. I also showed a copy of videos on the house and they appear to work well, but time will tell.
  13. Just purchased the Optoma EH460St based on the recommendation over on digitalpressworks.com. It has 4200 lumens so I'm hopeful that it will be bright enough for our situation. First time doing video projection mapping, so I'll be finding out what to do and what not to do Sally.
  14. What about using a Pi instead of a computer for the video output?
  15. That's a great question that I'm just now researching tfritz28. Hope to find an answer here, but if no one responds, I'll ask the LOR Help Desk. They are good at responding to all the questions I've posed so far. This should be any different. What did you find out?
  16. JR, thanks for helping my LOR education. Always glad to learn more. I did Google the LOROC and found one on the shannonclaus.com website. While the program is for S3 but it said it worked for later version. I'll give it a try. I was told by Brian B that the visualizer was locked in at increments of 50 pixels per object, so I would have to make a tree that was 16X100. He also said that in the end there would be a problem of only using 60 of those 100 pixels. Not sure how that works but Brian is certainly the man in the know.
  17. JR, sorry for the delay in responding. Darn, I though when you had already created a 16X60 tree it was a slam dunk. Seems like nothing is easy. I'm using a PixCon 16 to control the pixels on the pixel three and use units 01 - 10. The sequence is created in SS and then imported into SE via an intensive file. Worked well in 2017 with a 50 pixel leg. If you can walk me through the steps to create 60 pixels on a leg, I can do it and don't want you to go out of your way for me. Or and what is a LOROC? Told you I was old school. Hope the flu has passed you guys by. Not good when looking at th
  18. Forgot to mention that I'm using S4, v4.3.24 Pro.
  19. Trying to create a 16 leg 60 pixels per leg tree. Last year I had a 16 leg 50 pixels per leg tree, but this year I want to make the pixel tree a little taller by adding 10 pixels per leg. Problem is I haven't been able to create a 60 pixel prop in the LOR visualizer. I know, I should move to S5, but I'm old fashion and would like to learn how to use the LOR visualizer. Any help you can provide dibblejr would be appreciated.
  20. Too bad nobody responded because I would like some help too in developing a pixel tree in the visualizer that is different than the defaults. Maybe someone addressed this issue elsewhere so I'll keep looking.
  21. Thanks @OzAz and @TheDucks for your comments. I've used those vents mentioned by OzAz with the CG-1500 boxes and they work great in a passive mode. Should work that much better with a fan to push around the heat. Appreciate the guidance.
  22. Well Brian, I must be the exception because I couldn't get the pixel extender to work as anticipated. Instead of me taking you step by step through it here, I'll send you an email with the process used and the results. Then you can tell me what I'm doing wrong to get the visualizer to work when extending a 16 leg pixel tree from 50 pixels per leg to 60 pixels per leg.
  23. jamills706, yes, I'm talking about video mapping/projection of my house, or in my case a portion of the house since I have a clump of birch trees growing in front of my house. I'm placing my projector outside in a box similar to the one found through this link. I haven't built the box since I don't have a projector. Buying the projector will be my first step. The Digital Press Works website has some suggestions about buying such a projector. Then setting up the location of the projector will be the next step so I can make an outline of the portion of the house to use. Here is another link
  24. Well Don, I was hoping that technology moved forward, because I'm using a G3-MP3 Show Director, and it did a great job running a number of LEDs, dumb pixels, and smart pixels this past Christmas season. But I'm looking forward to 2018 and what I can do for Halloween as a starter. Video house projection is on my radar, so I was hoping it could be added to this Show Director. But alas, no, so says the LOR Help Desk. Specifically he/she said, "ShowTime Directors have no video output so projectors are a no-go. Only a computer has enough horsepower to do what you want,." This confirms what you sai
  25. Thanks Frank. I'm going to try that when this year's display comes down. Looks like a great solution. Had to repair way too many ribbons over the summer and would like to get that behind me.
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