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  1. i'm sorry jbone642000@yahoo.com
  2. Anyone willing to share this? Trying to get this one running this year. jbone642000@yahoo.com Thanks, Jared
  3. Anyone done singing faces for this song that would like to share with me.? jbone62000@yahoo.com
  4. may i have Light em up -Thanks jbone642000@yahoo.com
  5. May i also have copy for this? thanks jbone642000@yahoo.com
  6. I'm trying to insert a dmx smart controller starting at a certian channel with 96 channels in LOR. Problem is i need to start at channel 145. After I add device i have to go to each channel a program each one separately to the channel i need. Is their a earier way. Also tried inserting muliple RGB channels and also same problem have to prograsm them sll separately after they are populated. Thanks, Jared
  7. may i have a copy jbone642000@yahoo.com thanks
  8. can I have a copy please? jbone642000@yahoo.com
  9. Dave can I grab a copy? jbone642000@yahoo.com
  10. looking for this if anyone willing to share Jbone642000@yahoo.com
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