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  1. I’m retiring my 32channel bright white rings (2 x 16). If you are interested in them, they are free, you just need to pick them up. Howard
  2. Smooth effect - Rays display on background window. When I used floating windows, the smooth effect rays displayed on the background SS window and do not clear.
  3. I cannot get CF2D RGB to work properly in SSE or PE. The device shows up as my prop in PE. I add an effect, save the intensity data and run the sequence in SE. The PE Prop Data shows up for my Mega Tree, Arches, Small RGB trees, but nothing for my 6 CF2D RGB Floods.
  4. I placed all my strips in 2 44gal round rubbermaid trash cans. Coiled each strip and it held all of my stips nicely. Protected, easy to move and I even put them on the wheels for ease of rolling around.
  5. Thanks. I've seen all 15 of the tutorials. Very informative in most cases. I'll be using lid format and just be careful to save everything separately before my final merge to get it all together. BTW, one more bug, if you try to do a merge on a PE.LID and an SS.LID file SSS crashes with a 0xc0000005 access violation. I did this by mistake and it's repeatable.
  6. Ok. That may be my problem I've been trying to do a hybrid by placing props vertically in my VI file and then trying to override certain ones that don't end up exactly where I want them... One last question and I'll try to not ask any more until next time... If I do one visualization for my mega tree, one for my 4 trees and I do my channel sequencing in SE and my RGB's in SSS, with the merge function I can combine the sequence and both my se.lid files to complete my sequence... is that correct understanding?
  7. Loading the files does not cause a crash. Click anywhere in the screen where the grid is supposed to be and it crashes. And Thanks for the help.
  8. Yes. I spent the day learning how to do that. So now I'm trying to organize the grid with the props so it is easy to locate them all. Love superstar... hate superstar... it's awesome, but I just can't get it to do what I want to do I appreciate your help immensely!
  9. I've overridden my 4 trees and 1 mega tree as you specified in a previous thread. Now I'm trying to do some other specific placement and I am unable to do so. Basically I'm trying to seperate and space out some of the props so they are easy for me to identify, but when I try to put something at an open row/column, it does not override it and place the prop at that row/col. Suggestions? Thanks howard
  10. Is there a max grid row/column limitation? Thanks, Howard
  11. These 2 visualization files cause SSS to crash if you click anywhere inside where the grid is supposed to be. Loading the visualization files causes the grid to not be displayed and if you click anywhere that the grid should be, it crashes immediately. Also the visualization does not get drawn. I generated both visualization files from LOR Visualizer. The "2015 Visualization.lee" is the visualizer and the "2015 Visualization SSS Order.lee" is the SSS order file. Well, I would upload the files, but it will only allow me 20.5kb of upload as an attachment... suggestions on how to get the fi
  12. Anyone have a clipboard or example of a fire effect for SSS similar to PE's fire effect?
  13. My light show actually affects my garage door opener. Between the controllers, approximately 3500 LED's on the outside of the garage wall and the FM antenna in the attic, it provides enough interference that when the show is running, the remote doesn't work right unless you're about 5 feet from the door and standing just right when you push the button. Once the controllers and show is shut down it operates normally again. Normal operation is much further like 100 feet away.
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