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  1. Well I think this pic says it all for me.
  2. I have S3 and I guess I will just keep things simple for this project. Thanks for the input everyone.
  3. Well since we are all going to die on Dec 21 I thought the best way to celebrate on a Friday night is to play the tribute song "Its the end of the world and I feel fine" right up to midnight Mountain standard time. Yes, I am about as worried about it as I was on Y2K. LOL.
  4. Just a thought. I realize that there are things in S3 that would not come across to S2. It would be nice though to be able to save to S2 if we did want to share a sequence we had developed in S3.
  5. Is it possible to create a sequence in S3 and then save it to S2 or export it to S2. If this is not possible can you have S2 and S3 installed on the same computer and then copy and paste the sequences from one version to another? We are trying to do a group effort of creating a sequence of "Its the end of the world" for Dec 21, 2012. Several of us want to take on portions to program and share it and we all do not have S3. The effort will be a group effort and we need to be able to work with different version of LOR.
  6. I tried a cable over 100 feet to my first controller using a USB485 and it would not work for me. If I put a signal booster in line would I be able to go over 100 feet on my first run. I have gone over 100 feet after the first without issues.
  7. I remember some hubha about some sale items I just could not remember when.
  8. The most users ever online was 234 on Sat Mar 10th, 2012. I have been on and off the system this year. What was special about Saturday March 10, 2012 to get that many of us on at that paticular time?
  9. Welcome to the madness. Would appreciate reply likes as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/122781577733789/
  10. I have a mix of G2 and G3 controllers and all of my G3 have been fine so far. By experience I have learned to test my units when I get them. Over the years I did have one unit that was bad and I did not test it when I got it. When I put all of my units out I realized that I had a bad unit and I was down to crunch time. LOR was great about replacing it. It just was not a good time to find out I had a bad unit.
  11. plasmadrive wrote: I have had a simular dream of a dragon on a 20 foot tall tower that blows smoke, the eyes light up and emits a godzilla screech, and then breathes fire. I want to make a cross between a skelletal frame made of old steel plates that I have saved up from welding over the years. I do not know if I will ever find the time to do it. I just keep dreaming about it.
  12. They have amp meters to measure your load if you are unsure about how much power you are actually using. I run five controllers on one 15 amp circuit. Of course I am using LEDs on all of these controllers.
  13. I was order #34629 and received my order early last week. It was a partially assembled PC unit. I have since put it together, tested the channels and set the id #. Now I can just focus on programming for a few months. I still have to purchase a couple thousand new LED lights for my new props and make the new items the lights go on over the summer.
  14. How much does RDS effect range? After all I only need to be able to broadcast to the curb. From what I understand with RDS you may have to locate you antenna outside to be able to broadcast the RDS info.
  15. I did some research and found the following http://www.pira.cz/rds/show.asp?art=micrords_encoder is a complete micro unit for $24 EUR. http://www.pcs-electronics.com/rds-max-4000-p-1141.html?osCsid=cf227b26189c2a1d15ec2cf4c44c2ee0 is a complete unit with enclosure for $149.99 EUR. I do believe it would just be simpler and easier to purchase an EDM unit with the RDS system together rather than trying to add RDS into the system.
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