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  1. Yep I tried the above and just did a fresh install. No luck. Time to submit a ticket. Thx everyone for your input / suggestions.
  2. update... Still have the issue. I've tried new rips from CD - MP3, Wav, and WMA. Tried creating a new musicals with various formats and fresh rips with a default (blank) previews. None of these seem to remove the hesitation every 4 seconds. Reloaded Media Player and disabled the WMP Visualizer. Created Animation only - No Issue Running Windows 10, I7 7th Gen, 63G Ram, SSD drives, ASRock X299 XE Taichi. Triple 27" Monitors. I reduced to 1 monitor just in case - no difference.
  3. remade old music and many songs in my 80G library both mp3 and wav. My next step is to re-rip the music needed and also look again seen if I can disable the WMP visualizer and any enhancements. Bad part is some of the Media has been modified to shorten so if I have issues with those - lol - We'll see once I get past the this tune. Thanks again for the comments.
  4. Audio plays fine in Media Player and LOR far as sound. It's the visual playback when the red bar scans across the sequencer window with/without preview window. I've noticed the Media player visualizer hesitates as well. All 4 of my computers and all music MP3/Wav. I checked S4 on another computer and it does it there as well. Just more pronounced in S5. :(
  5. My play back hesitates or briefly pauses every --> 4 seconds <-- and is annoying. Computer is I7 7th gen, 64G ram and a GTX1070 8G video. All drivers updated and task manager shows CPU and GPU average 3-5% when running the preview, and no spikes. I set playback preferences to lowest Good setting and tried the others and still get the pause. I have not setup the lights yet to see if there is an impact there. I'm in the process of migrating to S5
  6. Export / Import did not fix the issue. I had to delete the props and rebuild. I found that updating a prop many times over and over will confuse or create ghost input basically corrupting the prop and keep it from performing as expected. I posted in my other post that I started to use MS Excel spreadsheets to limit the change in the prop itself. So each time I modified the prop I would copy the contents from the prop to Excel, make the changes then clear the prop, copy/paste back the from Excel to prop. This seem to eliminate the ghosting. I also now have a library of my props in an excel file
  7. I didn't know about the importing of excel, hmmm learned something ;) . I was creating the shape I needed then copied the text from Excel in to the Prop grid. Something I learned from a youtube video when I was checking out xlights which was continuously crashed on me and was slow to perform on my computer. 4 weeks and no props made πŸ˜ͺ😭πŸ˜₯ and no migrated Vis so I have no backup if needed. My computer is built for gaming so it was more a application issue. So far LOR hasn't crashed and doing great - 60 props in 3 days ☺️ and I have a S4 Vis preview if needed 🧐. Also did the picture method when I
  8. Just a quick followup... I had the same issue popup again. I'm finding editing a Prop multiple (lots) times to get them to fit a proper shape is perhaps ghosting and making the prop not work. Exporting the Preview rename the old one then importing the exported Preview did not fix the problem. However deleting the problem Prop saving and rebuild the prop does fix initially. Did find that building and editing a Prop multiple times using excel to model the prop, copy the text/cell pattern from excel to the prop is so much easier. Just need to edit using the excel model to make the adjustments, th
  9. The Preview is still young... I deleted the props and rebuilt each from scratch and worked as expected. I'll try a copy again and see what happens since that seems to be the common itch between the several groups I created. I will also try the export if it happens again if I can repeat the same quirk. If so, I'll post if the export works. πŸ‘ Thx again
  10. Found a quark... Happens on only on the copied Props... I create 4 props (4 chn) each by scratch, group them and make sure connection data is good. This one worked. Then copy the group, make the needed connection changes and oops on playback. Hmm coping data in any db can create ghosts... πŸ™ƒ My S4 Vis is a flat top down look and I wanted make the now as I migrate S5. ;) Use the simple AC channels to learn the props before jumping into RGB hopefully soon. ☺️
  11. Morning Everyone, I'm creating prop to migrate from S4 to S5. I have several props working if I use supplied selections. My challenge is when I create a prop in a specific way it will not run in the Preview. See pic. What I have found is that if I do NOT put a 1 in A1 the prop will not work. If I add the 1 in A1 all is good. Any ideas or a bug?
  12. Gotcha... I did this a couple times. My mistake is not scrolling to the right far enough using Notepad++. The old file export put the channel names right at the top. The preview export adds the prop name way to the right. Thank you for the reply and help. Off to my next challenge... I'm creating 450+ Props to cover my migration to S5 and creating groups to cover things like 13ft trees with 18 channels. ;)
  13. I did the Grid Configuration since I saw the Export and Import. Not really seeing that in the preview as in export the entire xml, edit and then import the changes.
  14. I've been working with S5 for 3 days and wow. 13 years working S2/S3/S4 we've built up to 30 AC Controllers - no RGB. I'm looking at RGB this year but if I can wrap my head around S5 to make sure our basic shows work as is. Keeping S4 on the other computers just in case. First step after playing around is yes, back off converting the entire horde of sequences, start with 1 unit 16 chn go to basics. Learn and perhaps build props then eventually export/import to the masses. Difficulty is a bit higher for we do Halloween 14 controllers and Xmas 30 controllers. Between the two seasons we have near
  15. 13 years of S2 thru S4. Now need to morph my brain to S5 πŸ™ƒ. I have in the past exported S4 Channel Config, hand changed names in mass and imported the changes. At the moment I'm a challenged S5 newbie. My challenge today is to do the same but in in S5. I've tried the Grid Configuration > Export, made my changes to the names of the props (LOR Reg not RGB yet) then imported using same method. The names are not updating. What am I missing? example change "Unit 01:01" to "H1.0.0.1_Tree 13ft - R" "Unit 01:02" to "H1.0.0.2_Tree 13ft - G" and so forth... I looked around at the Prev
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