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  1. Jrock I am also interested in where you purchased the snowflakes or did you make them. If yo made them, do you have a template that you can share?
  2. Hi Jame After all these years, still can't pass-up any music from the "Hammer of the Gods" please forward to davert97@msn.com Thanks
  3. Robo, Are they just the 10 ft cords or are there matching pig tails included?? Merry Christmas
  4. Bob and everyone else, Thanks for your information, have a family emergency to travel to so hopefully we can take is back up when I return
  5. Andy Was reading some posts over on AussieChris....on setting up Unicast. Since I have a separate NIC card which is manually set to (sound familar) do I need to do any settings under the DNS Server tab??
  6. I received the original one in early September and didn't start to test it until mid-November when it stopped working after a day or so. I sent it back to Ed and he found that the ethernet chip went south and he sent me a new board. So now to answer your question, It looks like the ones in your video, just doesn't work like the one in your video. Now, I had added a second NIC card to be dedicated to E1.31. I did add an "economical" switch (for anticipated additional P-2s) and then the p2 connects to that.
  7. Hi Andy, I cannot get the P-2 to respond in multicast, whether it is LOR, XLights or the test software from "da share" (link previously provided above) However, when I set XLights and "da share" to unicast, the lights work using each of the test sequencing and in XLights, the test sequence that I created in LOR and imported to XLights also works (in xlights) Trust me, I have watched your videos numerous times, to the point I think I know you personally.........LOL
  8. I didn't think Ed knew LOR interface. There's not any issues with his equipment (I believe)
  9. No, I have the P-2 not a P-12, That is why I mentioned in our emails that your P-12 setup has a tab for Port Selection, which isn't on the P2.. I also was given a link from Aussie Christmas to http://www.da-share.com/software/da_e131/ which is a E1.31 test software. Again, with this new software, the lights can be activated through unicast but nothing happens in multicast.
  10. I'm running LOR 3.11.2 advanced. The listener acknowledges universe 1 is connected Yes, I can import the test sequence I did in LOR into Xlights, convert it to "xseq" and it will play in xlights. Ultimately, I want to continue running the LOR controllers and pixels, would it help if I also connected a LOR controller
  11. David, Thanks for the screen shots. I've been over them a couple of times and I don't notice anything different in your settings to mine. LOR just wont connect to the P-2
  12. Looks like you're off to a great start,,,,,,,,,,,,,, What part of Florida you in??
  13. Correct, I can log into the card and setup the string configuration and also run the test pattern of the P-2. It's nice to know that the LOR sequence runs in Xlights, but the majority of my show is standard LED which are run through the LOR controllers and my intent to maintain the show through LOR S3. It must be something simple that is being overlooked since there are many members that are able to run their E1.31 with no issues
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