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  1. I just fell into this problem as well. Purchased the singing pumpkin and put in RGB lights. When I convert the Sequence to RGB it places the entire line on the Red only. Now I need to somehow convert this to an orange color and you would think there would be an easy way without loosing fades, intensities, etc. Has anyone figured out a good work around, as the intensity tool is not a very good solution or this, and neither is the color fade tool. I just want to select the entire row (rgb channel) and then choose a color to have the selected area change to that color. -Pat
  2. I love these guys, and the work you have done. Would like a copy to if your willing. chartrand@coldwaterlights.com
  3. me to please chartrand@coldwaterlights.com Thanks in advance....
  4. My copy never made it, can you try again for me? chartrand@coldwaterlights.com Thanks
  5. If anyone does this one that is willing to share, please send a copy my well as well. chartrand@coldwaterlights.com
  6. You have any energy left... I would like a copy as well please. chartrand@coldwaterlights.com
  7. You guys rock!!! That Paste from foreground was the solution for me... Thanks....
  8. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of.... <groan>.... What would be cool is if you could cut and paste with out overwriting what's already there...... As I think about that, It would be a difficult thing to program....
  9. So, I have a bunch of mini trees that have been 4 channels (Red, Green, Blue and White). I can get the 3 channels to (Red, Green and Blue) to combine, but how can I cut and paste, or merge the white into it? The reason I want to do this is because I'm converting the trees to DMX and moving the LOR controllers to another element in my display. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks Patrick
  10. How about the version from Gold Fish. It's pretty good....
  11. Looking to see if anyone has done this before I start. Thanks Pat
  12. Becky, I have a similar problem and have decided to automate the restart process. In windows you can create a scheduled task. Create on that will shutdown the computer every night after the show is over, I'm just using the built in Shutdown command with a /s /f options. I also wend into my computers BIOS and told it to power up at a time about 10 minutes before my show starts.
  13. I'm thinking of doing "Christmas This Year" from that album. I really like it.
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