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  1. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/30693-4-step-sequencing-tutorial/?p=282412
  2. Look on this page of my sequences (bottom of page 3) Robert
  3. Thanks all. I have lurked and used serveral folks stuff and adapted back in 2007 and 2008. As well as some of those that we have for download. Since we didn't get to do our show this year I just started planning for next year. We lost my mother back in July, and had to have my Dad move in with us. He is very independent of course, but had a stroke back in 95', and has to have a certian amount of assistance. So, my wife and I have had some adjusting to get done. Anyway figured we'd put them up and hope someone could use them. Hope they work well for you all. Robert
  4. We took off in 2012, and unforseen RL cause us not to be able to do our show this year. It maybe a bit late, but we put up our sequences for download. Feel free to use however fit. Merry Christmas everyone. Sequence pages
  5. would like a copy please pipelayer65@comcast.net
  6. Denise, I had drawn it and DevMike put it up in the downoload section. Never had no problem with it working for me. It was 3 or 4 channel on that one I believe can't remember at the moment. http://forums.lightorama.com/view_post.php?post_id=271589 Robert
  7. Just had a email of vimeo taking one of ours down as well. Have submitted a ticket to them, letting them know we do this as a charity each year at Christmas and no one profits from anything being sold. Waiting for a return email from them at the moment.
  8. Greg wrote: Funny you should post, as I had same instance of problems last nite. Same error. Windows media started shutting down. Lor Status kept saying Windows media error. So I swapped over to my OLE faithful laptop, and restarted the show pc, it started updating for about 30 min. worth of updates. Video, and so on, like William said. Fired the show pc up to run show and ran perfectly. All the updates, shouldn't have bothered LOR or Zara, but who knows. It is back in operation.
  9. caniac wrote: why do you need to turn off auto focus? have a sony handycam, videos sorta suck. Because, if the camera is on auto focus, as the lights flash on and off, it will try to focus in and out on the image, causing the video to be blurry.
  10. I borrowed this one from a friend. Kodak ZxD, cost him on clearance at office depot $49.00. 2011 videos Its point and shoot. The only problem it needs a wide angle lens on it. as I can't get the complete display in it. without it.
  11. Have made a discovery that all 4 of my new controllers, never had reset jumpers on the pins on the boards, not really sure how they ran. Have enclosed a pic of my controller, as the pins where actually running horizontial instead of vertically on the board. installed pin on the 2nd set of pins from the left and it cured my problems for now it seems anyway. Attached files
  12. Not just on G-3, mine are G2 v4, and I had to unplug those channels cause when they powered up, they then stayed on. Could not even turn off, by disabling show. Happening only on 2 of 4 of the new controllers I ordered this year. Verifier said no problems. I have a total of 9 controllers, no problems on them either.
  13. Here is my 2010 copy if you like. Attached files 2010 Whats This_80_Final.lms
  14. You might try converting it to a wav file, as I had same problem with another song, and that got it to work.
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