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  1. MattBrown's post in Enable RGB channel levels was marked as the answer   
    The channel level isn't enabled by motion effect row, it is enabled for the entire prop -- your RGB channels will not be grouped by motion row. Just right-click on the prop name and select "Enable Channel Level on Pixel Prop". More about the right-click menu at the bottom of this help page:
  2. MattBrown's post in Transfering sequences between 2 computers in S5 was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you select File > Save Playback Files on your sequencing computer first. See the process flowchart here:
    The files that are needed on the show computer will be the .play.lms and/or .play.las files, as well as any file with a .pe.lid file extension.
    When you create a show, you will schedule the playback files (.play.lms).
    The default directory when opening a sequence is the Light-O-Rama\Sequences directory.  By default the Light-O-Rama directory is a subfolder in your Documents (or My Documents) folder. You can change the location of the Light-O-Rama folder by selecting Tools > Change User Data Directory. This will copy all of your sequences and data to the new location you specify. Think carefully about the location - this is not an operation you want to perform frequently.
  3. MattBrown's post in Using PixCon16 to light 240 pixel strip-partial wrong color was marked as the answer   
    Above the channel grid in Prop Definition there is a "Max Circuit" field. Try changing that to 510.
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