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  1. In the Sequencer, select Help > About. Copy/paste the information shown there into a ticket with our help desk. Also include your problem description from above. https://helpdesk.lightorama.com/
  2. I have taken note of your comments and we will review the issue in 2021. Thanks for doing the testing! Matt
  3. Try opening a ticket with the help desk: https://helpdesk.lightorama.com/ Since you mention creating SD cards, I am assuming you are using an MP3 Director. Be sure to indicate which model of MP3 Director you are using in the ticket (1, 2, or 4 port, gen 1, 3, or 4). Matt
  4. "T" adds a timing mark, not an effect. So it really is like using the Tapper Wizard -- without having the tapper wizard open. If you have already used the Tapper Wizard to get the timing marks you want, then there is no reason to use the "T" command. Matt
  5. 1) You can subdivide the marks in the timing grid. Click a cell. Press the "R" key to select the entire row. Now right-click inside the selected area and from the pop-up menu select Timing Mark > Subdivide Timings. When asked how many divisions to create, set it at 2 (the default). Click OK. Now all of your cells have been divided in half. Matt
  6. Create a new freeform timing grid: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/toolbar_timing_grid_menu.htm Playback can be started and stopped using the spacebar. You can create timing marks during playback by pressing the "T" key. Kind of like the Tapper Wizard, but you can use the keyboard and you see the immediate result. Matt
  7. In the Previews window, make a copy of the preview with your current setup. Now change the copy to match the channel settings in the files you are upgrading. Use the copy to upgrade your S4 sequences - if you got all of the channel assignments right, there shouldn't be any unmatched. Then, with the upgraded sequence open, select Sequence > Assign Different Preview from the menu. Props that are the same in the 2 previews should automatically match. Matt
  8. If you have motion effects and channel effects, the channel effect will override the motion effect. Currently no way to blend between the two, but something we will look at in 2021. Matt
  9. Previews for the Pixel Editor are stored in this file: "\Light-O-Rama\PixelEditor\LORPixelEditorData.xml" Matt
  10. There is no mapping. You need to copy paste from the beat channels to your prop channels. Setting selection mode to "Rows" will save you some time in that process. http://www1.lightorama.com/help/selecting_cells.htm Matt
  11. Yes, the group definition is stored in the preview file, so even though you can change it from the sequence grid, it changes the preview and all of the sequences associated with that preview will be reprocessed. Matt
  12. This will be addressed in the next release. As your testing has shown, this only impacts the startup of the next sequence when the LOREDIT file is very large. Matt
  13. When the log says "Checking S5 sequence" - that means the entire LOREDIT file is being read. I'm looking now to see if that can be optimized. Matt
  14. If you open the Hardware Utility and click the Pixel Console button, are you able to control the lights on each arch? Does the red slider turn the pixel red, etc? You say the RGB color order is correct, are you sure? Do all arches start on circuit 1 in Prop Definition? Matt
  15. If you don't get any responses here, create a ticket with our help desk. https://helpdesk.lightorama.com/
  16. You might also take a look at the help that comes built into the programs. For example, from the Sequencer select Help > Contents. You should find a few sample sequences in the "Samples" sub-folder under Sequences. We welcome your feedback - please let us know how we can do better! Matt
  17. Just to clarify... WMA = Windows Media Audio, WMV = Windows Media Video. So if you are using the movie effect, you should use WMV or AVI, not WMA. Matt
  18. I will say that in S5, you do not need to create a preview. If you only have AC controllers: click New Musical Sequence on the Start Page select your music file the new sequence dialog opens click on the Quick Preview tab Enter the number of channels you have; 32 if you have 2 16-channel controllers Select the timing grids Optionally select the audio wizard you want to run Click the Create button You are ready to sequence those 32 channels This is just as easy and fast as S4. That said, setting lights to music in S4, S5, or competing software takes a lot of time (minimum 1 hour of sequencing time per minute of song). At this point in the season, I would consider purchasing sequences. Matt
  19. Fonts in the "Bahnschrift" family are good, as this font was originally designed for signage (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DIN_1451).
  20. The performance of Paste Special with Repeat Horizontally set to "All the way to the end of the sequence" will be much improved in the next release. Matt
  21. It can be a little confusing in SE. There are actually 2 scrollbars on the right-hand side. You need to scroll *both* scrollbars down as far as they will go. Then you should see the intensity section at the very bottom, which you can then expand, as if it were a channel group. Matt
  22. Thanks for the video. Your example is slow only when using freeform timing grids. Fixed timing grids are fast. We will see if we can make it faster when using freeform grids. Matt
  23. Sorry, I tried to replicate this several different ways, and the paste was always instantaneous. Could you please provide the exact steps that cause the issue? Thanks, Matt
  24. Only 2 reasons for the Export to LMS function: 1) you are giving up on S5 and going back to S4 (but please don't give up!) 2) you are a seller/sharer of sequences and your sequences don't use motion effects. You can use this function to create sequences that can be read by S3, S4, and S5 users. As @PhilMassey said, don't use it for playback. Contrary to rumor, your show may actually play SLOWER, especially if you are using enhanced networks or DMX. Matt
  25. @c7williams Thanks for helping this user and passing along the information. However, I would need a copy of the sequence file and the information shown in Sequencer's Help > About dialog (in case it is driver-related). If anyone else experiences this issue, please send me a PM or create a ticket with the help desk and include the requested information. Thanks! Matt
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