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  1. You can use the Movie motion effect in the S5 Sequencer. Or you can use the Picture motion effect with an animated GIF. As mentioned above, lower resolution source material will look better on real lights. Matt
  2. Since the total number of channels isn't changing, I don't think there would be a performance impact. You will need to ensure that there is no channel overlap (conflicts) between the 3 sequences. If they are S5 sequences, this means each sequence needs its own preview. Matt
  3. And here's another variation - dissolve from top down:
  4. @Box on Rails I really like your ideas for enhancing the Hold effect! You can get a dissolve effect (or a dissolve + fade when combined with Phil's suggestion) by combining a Hold effect with a twinkle effect as shown in the attached picture. Matt
  5. Spectrogram data is calculated when a sequence is opened. If you open the 5.6.0 sample sequence, then go into Sequence Information and change Audio Info to "Waveform Only", you will still be able to see the sequence play normally while it is still open. If you close and reopen the sequence, then the Spectrogram related effects will not play because of the state of the Audio Info setting when the file was opened. Similarly, if you change Audio Info back to "Spectrogram High Res", it will not take effect until the sequence is next opened. Matt
  6. If the previous suggestions don't work, try deleting this file: "\Light-O-Rama\LORInternal\sequencerlayout.xml" You are not deleting anything important, just the arrangement of panels/windows within the Sequencer. If that doesn't fix it, please create a ticket with the Help Desk: https://helpdesk.lightorama.com/ Attach this file to the ticket: "Documents\LORSequencer-trace.txt" Matt
  7. Your previews are normally stored under your Documents folder, in a subfolder named "Light-O-Rama\CommonData". The file is "LORPreviews.xml". There is a backup file named "LORPreviews.xml.bak". Matt
  8. The higher CPU usage while a sequence is loading is due to calculations for the spectrogram audio display (which also supplies data to the Audio motion effect). You can turn off spectrogram calculations on a per sequence basis by selecting Sequence > Sequence info and changing the Audio Info field. Beware that changing it to waveform only will also leave most of the Audio motion effect without data. http://www1.lightorama.com/help/sequence_information_dialog.htm Matt
  9. There will be a "Clean Up" button on the Start Page in the next release.
  10. That is a good question. We looked at that approach, but there is a large amount data that would need to be stored. Nevertheless, we will take another look at it. Matt
  11. I assume you are using version 5.6.0? Is your pixel tree assigned to the same unit id in the S4 sequence and the S5 preview? When you upgrade a sequence, does your pixel tree get listed in the Matched or Not Match list? http://www1.lightorama.com/help/upgrading_sequences.htm If it doesn't show up in either list, then the Sequencer isn't finding your Pixel Editor sequence. Pixel Editor sequence files have an ".LPE" extension and must be in the same folder as LMS file. This same requirement existed in S4. Matt
  12. Have a look at page 15 of the PixCon 16 manual. Make sure the terminator jumper is set to the "On" position. http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/Pixcon16 Manual V1.8 - Showtime (S4 & S5).pdf For anyone else reading this message, this advice only applies when running the PixCon16 in LOR mode. Matt
  13. Are you running the PixCon16 in E1.31 or Enhanced LOR mode? If E1.31, do you have any other software that might be sending E1.31 commands? If in LOR mode, what speed are you running? Are there any other controllers on the network? Have you tried changing Cat5 cables? Matt
  14. Wikpedia explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectrogram LOR Help page: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/audio_settings_window.htm
  15. We're glad you like this new feature! Thanks for the feedback.
  16. If you are using the Audio motion effect, then you will need to live with the long loading time (or buy a faster computer). How long is your audio file (minutes/seconds)? Matt
  17. Note that this will cause portions of the Audio motion effect to be inactive. If you don't use the Audio motion effect, then everything should be fine. Matt
  18. This is likely due to the calculations needed for the Spectrogram. After the sequence is open, select Sequence > Sequence Information from the menu. Change the "Audio Info" drop down to "Waveform Only", then click Save. The next time you open the sequence, it should be much faster. Matt
  19. We experienced a server issue which was just now fixed. 1) the Sequencer caches online files for 24 hours, so Motion Effect favorites won't automatically refresh on your PC until tomorrow. A work-around is to delete the "\LORInternal\Downloads\MotionEffects\LORFavorites.xml" file before opening the Sequencer. 2) in Preview Design, there are "Refresh" buttons for dialogs that display online content. The content of these dialogs won't automatically refresh until tomorrow; however, if the you press the Refresh button, it will update immediately. Sorry for the confusion.
  20. The download file should be at "\Light-O-Rama\LORInternal\Downloads\MotionEffects\LORFavorites.xml". Its size should be 11K or so. If the file is there, then please create at help desk ticket, zip up the LORFavorites.xml file, and attach the zip file to the ticket. We will be happy to try and resolve it. Thanks!
  21. There is not a way to delete more than one at time, other than using the import function. This is high on our list to fix. I have had remote sessions where I had to delete nearly all 999 DMX entries by hand, so I know your pain. Matt
  22. Unlock the timing grid. Then the timing menu comes up when you right-click. Saves a step. Matt
  23. During playback, you can use the "T" key to insert a timing mark. Under the "Operations" section on the Keyboard Preferences page: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/keyboardpreferences.htm The description for "Apply Twinkle" states "Apply the Twinkle effect to the current selection when not playing back. Insert a timing mark when playback is running." There isn't a shortcut to insert a timing mark when not playing back. Matt
  24. Which xmodel files did you import?
  25. So rather than talking about unit ids, lets just talk about channels/circuits? How many channels are used to control this archway in total? Is each upright a separate channel? Typically I model archways with a side view that is slightly skewed - such that the poles on the far side are visible between the poles on the near side. This should also give you good visibility to the zig-zag lights you have on the sides. Matt
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